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US - Spending - SBA Loans $1M+ (2007-2013)

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Recipient City Name

Recipient Name

Face Value

2012MinneapolisTrailhead Fund Limited Partner$35,000,000.00
2010New YorkPennantpark Sbic Lp$33,500,000.00
2012New YorkEnhanced Small Business Invest$33,070,000.00
2008Winston-SalemSalem Halifax Cap Prts Ii Lp$33,000,000.00
2013MinneapolisSpell Capital Mezzanine Partne$32,475,000.00
2011WynnewoodRenovus Capital Partners Lp$32,125,000.00
2011WayneNewspring Mezzanine Capital Ii$31,900,000.00
2012CincinnatiNorthcreek Mezzanine Fund I L$31,860,000.00
2010New YorkHudson Ferry Capital Iilp$31,660,000.00
2008WakefieldBrook Venture Fund Iia Lp$31,115,000.00
2010CharlottePlexus Fund Iilp$30,875,000.00
2013New YorkHudson Ferry Capital Ii Lp$30,340,000.00
2012New YorkTamarix Financial Partners L$30,110,000.00
2013Los AngelesAvante Mezzanine Partners Sbic$30,000,000.00
2011MiamiBanyan Mezzanine Fund Lp$30,000,000.00
2010HopkinsBayview Capital Partners Ii Lp$30,000,000.00
2012ShrewsburyContemporary Healthcare Senior$30,000,000.00
2009MinneapolisConvergent Capital Partners Ii$30,000,000.00
2010MinneapolisConvergent Capital Partners Ii$30,000,000.00
2010CharlotteFidus Mezzanine Capitallp$30,000,000.00
2013MinneapolisGmb Mezzanine Capital Ii Lp$30,000,000.00
2013ViennaLeeds Novamark Capital I Lp$30,000,000.00
2009New YorkLeg Partners Deb Sbic Lp$30,000,000.00
2008HoustonMain Street Capital Ii Lp$30,000,000.00
2007HoustonMain Street Capital Ii Lp$30,000,000.00
2011HoustonMain Street Mezzanine Fund Lp$30,000,000.00
2010HoustonMain Street Mezzanine Fundlp$30,000,000.00
2013New CanaanNew Canaan Funding Mezz V Sbic$30,000,000.00
2008BaltimorePatriot Capital Ii Lp$30,000,000.00
2009BaltimorePatriot Capital Ii Lp$30,000,000.00
2012CharlottePlexus Fund Ii Lp$30,000,000.00
2013Winston SalemSalem Investment Partners Iii$30,000,000.00
2008BaltimoreSpring Capital Partners Ii L$30,000,000.00
2008ChicagoVogen Funding Lp$30,000,000.00
2009WellesleyGemini Investors Iv Lp$29,000,000.00
2010BirminghamHarbert Mezzanine Partners Ii$29,000,000.00
2007ChicagoVogen Funding Lp$29,000,000.00
2010San JoseInstitute Of Medical Education Inc$28,890,745.00
2013PhoenixGrayhawk Venture Fund Ii Lp$28,890,000.00
2007King Of PrussiaNewspring Mezzanine Capital L$28,615,000.00
2013New YorkEnhanced Small Business Invest$27,500,000.00
2008Kansas CityC3 Capital Partners Ii Lp$27,000,000.00
2010Kansas CityC3 Capital Partners Iilp$27,000,000.00
2007MinneapolisGmb Mezzanine Capital Lp$27,000,000.00
2012MandevilleJefferson Capital Partners Ii$26,000,000.00
2011ChantillyBia Digital Partners Sbic Ii L$25,320,000.00
2013ChicagoAldine Sbic Fund Ii Lp$25,000,000.00
2012San FranciscoAlpine Investors Iv Sbic Lp$25,000,000.00
2013Kansas CityC3 Capital Partners Iii Lp$25,000,000.00
2009Little RockDiamond State Ventures Ii Lp$25,000,000.00
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