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US - Spending - SBA Loans $1M+ (2007-2013)

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Recipient City Name

Recipient Name

Face Value

2007AbbevilleExtended Stay Inn & Suites$1,010,000.00
2012AbbevilleGjr Marine Llc$1,082,000.00
2009AbbevilleSpecial "T" Ice Comany Inc$1,170,175.00
2010AbbotsfordWitmer Industriesinc$1,745,000.00
2012AberdeenAjd Hoffman Inc$3,064,661.00
2010AberdeenC & S Motor Sports$1,124,000.00
2010AberdeenCole Poultry$1,395,000.00
2007AberdeenCountry Hearth Inn$1,002,000.00
2011AberdeenGrandstay Residential Suites$1,836,000.00
2008AberdeenGremdary Llc And Northern Plains Animal H$1,834,000.00
2010AberdeenMartin'S Precisioninc$1,400,000.00
2010AberdeenOlympic Inn Motel$1,940,000.00
2012AberdeenPooja Llc$1,450,000.00
2010AberdeenSkeels Poultry Farm$1,355,000.00
2009AberdeenSpitzer-Miller Funeral Home Inc$1,641,000.00
2012AberdeenThe Hannon Group Llc Dba Moore Drugs Pick$1,700,000.00
2010AbileneAbilene Hla Llc$1,626,000.00
2012AbileneAbilene Santoyo Llc (Epc) & La Flor Linda$1,027,000.00
2011AbileneAbilene Two Pizza Inn Inc$1,275,000.00
2011AbileneAtlas Oilfield Construction Company Llc$1,000,000.00
2007AbileneBest Western Abilene Inn & Sui$1,846,000.00
2012AbileneBetter Hotels Ltd$3,132,000.00
2007AbileneCircle D Truck Sales Inc$2,000,000.00
2012AbileneCircle D Truck Sales Inc$1,428,220.00
2008AbileneComfort Suites$1,250,000.00
2007AbileneDennys Restaurant$1,546,000.00
2009AbileneDrcsmiles Llc$1,500,000.00
2007AbileneFour Seasons Car Wash$1,963,100.00
2012AbileneGriffin Boring And Construction Inc$2,531,200.00
2009AbileneHampton Inn & Suites-Abilene$2,000,000.00
2013AbileneHarikrishna Llc$1,208,000.00
2013AbileneHoliday Inn & Express$2,105,000.00
2008AbileneHoliday Inn Express$2,000,000.00
2008AbileneHoliday Inn Express Abilene$1,430,000.00
2008AbileneJ & T Legend Homes Abilene Ll$1,002,700.00
2012AbileneKaytex Foods Inc$3,631,900.00
2011AbileneLee Dill Inc Dba Tiger Manufacturing$1,350,000.00
2012AbileneMason Trendsetters Development Co Llc$3,000,000.00
2013AbileneMason Trendsetters Development Co Llc$2,000,000.00
2007AbileneMason Trendsetters Inc$2,000,000.00
2012AbileneMeers Engineering Inc$1,000,000.00
2011AbileneOhre Properties Lp$1,900,000.00
2007AbilenePrime Time Family Entertainmen$1,500,000.00
2012AbileneRhotel At The Mall Llc$1,800,000.00
2007AbileneSan Angelo Bazaar Llc$1,775,000.00
2007AbileneSleep Inn Abilene$1,246,000.00
2007AbileneSzechuan Restaurant$1,795,000.00
2012AbileneTexas Sport & Spine$1,321,000.00
2012AbileneTexas Tandem Trucking Ltd$2,500,000.00
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