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US - Spending - SBA Loans $1M+ (2007-2013)

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Recipient City Name

Recipient Name

Face Value

2011Los Angeles$2,000,000.00
2011Arlington'Inlingua' English Center$1,275,000.00
2013Pittsburgh0X33 Lp$1,976,700.00
2008New York1 800 Postcards Inc$4,000,000.00
2012Loganville1 Cor 10:31 Llc$1,710,000.00
2013Manteo1 Elizabethan Nc Llc$2,700,000.00
2011Three Rivers1 Lee Family Irrevocable Trust (Epc) 2 H$2,600,000.00
2007Irwindale1 Pak Dvd Na A California Co$1,555,000.00
2011Brooklyn1 Stop Electronic Centerinc$1,000,000.00
2012Sarasota1 Stop Landscape Supply & Yard Waste Recyc$2,500,000.00
2012Passaic1) Compare Supermarket 2) Associated Super$2,700,000.00
2013New York10 Hanover Square Gym Llc$1,000,000.00
2010Meridian10 Pinzllc$1,320,600.00
2011Penns Grove100 Central Schoolhouse Llc$1,225,000.00
2009Los Angeles1000 Gayley Llc And O'Hara'S Restaurant &$2,000,000.00
2007Kissimmee1001 1002 & 1003 Liquors$1,909,000.00
2011Glendale10020 West Glendale Llc (Epc)$1,349,900.00
2011Brooklyn101 North Ninth Llc$2,516,000.00
2011Englewood101 W Floydllc (Epc) & Mac Outletinc D$2,000,000.00
2012Stilwell1010 Holdings Inc And Stallard Technolog$3,090,000.00
2008Glendale1016 E Broadway Llc$1,025,000.00
2011Dallas10220 Harry Hines Llc A Texas Limited Lia$2,269,200.00
2012Brooklyn1025 Pacific Llc (Epc) And Pacific Townhou$1,279,100.00
2012Destin1029 Des Llc$1,600,000.00
2007Richmond10339 Fm 1464 Llc (Epc) & Animal Inn Inc$1,080,000.00
2008Corona1035 Montecito Group Llc$1,445,000.00
2013Niagara Falls103Rd Street Holdings Llc$1,000,000.00
2012Naperville107 N Oak Park Llc$1,201,000.00
2013White Marsh10815 Llc$1,075,500.00
2007Littleton10825 West Belleview Llc A Col$1,040,000.00
2012Cincinnati10930 Deerfield Llc$2,708,000.00
2011Meridian1099 S Wells Llc$1,036,200.00
2007Los Angeles11 Mateo Llc$2,404,000.00
2010New Windsor110 Corporate Drive Llc & Poly Works Inc$1,725,000.00
2011Baltimore110% Sport Venture Llc (Epc)$1,500,000.00
2007Sun Valley11001 Fleetwood Street Llc$2,000,000.00
2013Atlanta1104 Crescent Llc$1,347,000.00
2010Denver11048 W Jewell Avellc$1,280,000.00
2012New York111 Hudson Market Inc$1,300,000.00
2008Mantua111 Parkville Road Llc As An Epc For Gree$2,000,000.00
2011Tulsa1125 S Peoria Llc$5,000,000.00
2013North Hollywood11313 Weddington Llc$2,184,000.00
2007New York115 Market Inc$1,350,000.00
2007Chicago1154 Lill Ltd$1,299,000.00
2012Saint Louis1155 Galleria Rest Llc$1,400,000.00
2012Paramus117 E Route 4 West Llc$1,600,000.00
2011Irvine1170 Roosevelt Llc$1,250,000.00
2012Overland Park11741 Metcalf Llc$1,865,000.00
2011New York119 7Th Avenue Cafeteriallc$1,358,100.00
2008Lynwood11901 Alameda Llc$1,078,000.00
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