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US - Spending - SBA Loans $1M+ (2007-2013)

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Recipient City Name

Recipient Name

Face Value

2007Irwindale1 Pak Dvd Na A California Co$1,555,000.00
2007Kissimmee1001 1002 & 1003 Liquors$1,909,000.00
2007Richmond10339 Fm 1464 Llc (Epc) & Animal Inn Inc$1,080,000.00
2007Littleton10825 West Belleview Llc A Col$1,040,000.00
2007Los Angeles11 Mateo Llc$2,404,000.00
2007Sun Valley11001 Fleetwood Street Llc$2,000,000.00
2007New York115 Market Inc$1,350,000.00
2007Chicago1154 Lill Ltd$1,299,000.00
2007Frisco121 Animal Hospital Pa$1,088,000.00
2007Brooksville13160 Jacqueline Road Llc$1,425,000.00
2007Oakland1424 Jefferson Inn Inc$1,127,000.00
2007Hawthorne15/40 Productions Lte A Califo$1,601,000.00
2007Harvey15100 Dixie Inc$1,780,000.00
2007Albany1893 Central Llc (Epc) & Tokyo Jumbo Llc ($1,762,200.00
2007Bakersfield2 Vbg Inc$1,150,000.00
2007Linwood20 Cobblestone Lane Llc And Ed$1,586,000.00
2007Solvang2029 Village Lane Llc$1,481,000.00
2007El Segundo2161 Grand Property Llc$1,635,000.00
2007Deer Park24 Hr Safety Llc$1,000,000.00
2007Medford2692 Nph Llc And Modern Dental$1,887,000.00
2007Primghar3 Flags Dairy Llp$1,442,000.00
2007Sacramento3 Monkeys K Street Llc$1,878,000.00
2007Neptune City3571 Neptune City Associatesl$1,125,000.00
2007South Gate3900 Firestone Llc (Epc) And Novus Invest$2,000,000.00
2007Frisco3Rd Base$1,195,000.00
2007Los Angeles4 Over Inc$4,000,000.00
2007San Francisco4 Star Theater$1,232,500.00
2007Conyers4D Printing Inc$1,120,000.00
2007Granbury4M Granbury Youth Services In$1,280,000.00
2007Batavia4-R-Kids Llc$1,057,500.00
2007Vacaville5 Star Investment Properties 2$1,215,000.00
2007Plymouth50 Altair Avenue Llc And Preci$1,072,000.00
2007Torrington535 Migeon Ave Llc And Narrang$1,180,000.00
2007Phoenix5Th Avenue Professional Office$1,209,000.00
2007Bedford Park6817 S Harlem Ave Llc And Cent$1,986,000.00
2007Dublin6938 Sierra Court Llc$1,455,000.00
2007Coppell735 Plaza Ltd (Epc) And Cf04Life Inc ($1,383,500.00
2007Tigard76 Of Greenburg$1,415,500.00
2007San Ysidro76 San Ysidro$1,000,000.00
2007Sacramento786 Enterprise$1,900,000.00
2007Williamstown786 Hospitality Group Llc$1,300,000.00
2007Round Rock7958 Shoal Creek Blvd Llc (Epc) For Capit$1,128,000.00
2007Cashiers8 Chestnut Square Llc$1,582,000.00
2007Maspeth88 Trading Corp$2,000,000.00
2007St. Cloud912 Catering Inc$1,658,000.00
2007Portland92Nd St Chevron$1,554,300.00
2007Woodburn94 Country Inc$1,900,000.00
2007Chatsworth9600 Tc Associates Llc$1,240,000.00
2007SouthlakeA & B Aluminum & Brass Foundry$1,846,300.00
2007TerrellA & B Food Mart And Church'S C$1,632,000.00
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