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US - Spending - Export/Import Bank Loans

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Total Export Value

2013WashingtonEverettBoeing Company The$15,973,470,828.00
2014WashingtonEverettBoeing Company The$13,248,964,414.00
2008WashingtonSeattleBoeing Company The$11,651,594,677.00
2011WashingtonEverettBoeing Company The$9,987,020,755.00
2010WashingtonRentonBoeing Company The$9,722,338,023.00
2010WashingtonEverettBoeing Company The$9,400,349,801.00
2007WashingtonSeattleBoeing Company The$8,065,233,780.00
2011WashingtonRentonBoeing Company The$6,601,170,611.00
2010WashingtonSeattleBoeing Company The$6,483,094,408.00
2012WashingtonRentonBoeing Company The$5,794,509,329.00
2009WashingtonEverettBoeing Company The$5,402,145,841.00
2013WashingtonRentonBoeing Company The$4,977,662,069.00
2008WashingtonRentonBoeing Company The$4,682,877,451.00
2010WashingtonRentonBoeing Company The$4,119,125,094.00
2012WashingtonEverettBoeing Company The$3,998,203,961.00
2009WashingtonRentonBoeing Company The$3,927,828,694.00
2012WashingtonSeattleBoeing Company The$3,773,961,537.00
2008WashingtonEverettBoeing Company The$3,304,603,525.00
2012MichiganDearbornFord Motor Credit Company$3,000,000,000.00
2013MichiganDearbornFord Motor Credit Company$3,000,000,000.00
2009WashingtonSeattleBoeing Company The$2,709,132,871.00
2012WashingtonRentonBoeing Company The$2,475,524,098.00
2014South CarolinaN CharlestonBoeing Company The$1,964,641,918.00
2010WisconsinRacineCnh Industrial America Llc$1,712,383,710.00
2009WashingtonRentonBoeing Company The$1,643,600,996.00
2010MichiganDearbornFord Motor Credit Company$1,300,000,000.00
2007WashingtonEverettBoeing Company The$1,247,988,243.00
2014WashingtonRentonBoeing Company The$1,036,740,736.00
2010CaliforniaNewport BeachSpv/Aviation Capital Group Corp.$968,221,081.00
2013New YorkPurchaseAtlas Air Inc.$953,819,887.00
2011IllinoisChicagoBoeing Company The$923,400,000.00
2014IndianaLafayetteCaterpillar Inc.$653,080,412.00
2011IndianaLafayetteCaterpillar Inc.$641,569,519.00
2013CaliforniaLos AngelesSpc/International Lease Finance Corp.$627,178,273.00
2007WashingtonRentonBoeing Company The$575,563,438.00
2009New YorkSchenectadyGeneral Electric International Operations Company Inc.$571,227,321.00
2012CaliforniaNewport BeachSpv/Aviation Capital Group Corp.$565,027,895.00
2009New YorkNew YorkSims Group Global Trade Corporation$527,817,055.00
2012WisconsinRacineCnh Industrial America Llc$498,718,196.00
2008WashingtonRentonBoeing Company The$497,320,600.00
2014WashingtonRentonBoeing Company The$494,075,003.00
2013PennsylvaniaErieGeneral Electric International Operations Company Inc.$478,235,883.00
2014WashingtonRentonBoeing Company The$459,568,958.00
2013KansasOverland ParkBlack & Veatch$458,815,487.00
2012CaliforniaSan DiegoSolar Turbines Incorporated$457,303,740.00
2012MassachusettsWellesleyGrove Services Inc.$450,000,000.00
2012CaliforniaEl SegundoBoeing Satellite Systems Inc.$448,641,375.00
2014MichiganMidlandDow Chemical Company The$440,854,824.00
2012PennsylvaniaLatrobeXcoal Energy & Resources Llc$433,333,333.00
2009TexasThe WoodlandsChicago Bridge & Iron Company$433,074,365.00
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