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2017City of MilwaukeeVehicle Opers Training CoordPietz Douglas A$176,518.86
2017City of MilwaukeePolice SergeantWashington Rodney B$173,228.88
2017City of MilwaukeePolice OfficerX Jutiki$164,896.43
2017City of MilwaukeePolice LieutenantCharles Scott D$162,947.45
2017City of MilwaukeePolice OfficerEmmons Lafayette J$162,655.60
2017City of MilwaukeePolice SergeantJack Richard R$160,798.40
2017City of MilwaukeeBattalion Chief FireSlowey Sean W$155,277.37
2017City of MilwaukeePolice OfficerSchweitzer-Brown Heather E$152,938.06
2017City of MilwaukeePolice LieutenantCasper Jr Thomas J$152,711.04
2017City of MilwaukeePolice OfficerOttaway Christopher S$152,497.49
2017City of MilwaukeePolice SergeantGrubich Wade W$152,461.92
2017City of MilwaukeeDetectiveGraham Timothy B$152,162.95
2017City of MilwaukeePolice OfficerKulmann John M$152,064.29
2017City of MilwaukeeChief Of PoliceFlynn Edward A$151,235.63
2017City of MilwaukeeCommissioner-HealthBaker Bevan K$150,500.37
2017City of MilwaukeeDetectivePetropoulos Gust P$149,093.84
2017City of MilwaukeeCommissioner-Public WorksKorban Ghassan A$149,035.71
2017City of MilwaukeeCommissioner-City DevelMarcoux Richard M$149,035.62
2017City of MilwaukeeErs Executive DirectorAllen Bernard J$149,035.62
2017City of MilwaukeeCommissioner-Bldg InspCole Preston D$149,035.61
2017City of MilwaukeePolice SergeantSousek Gregory K$148,857.24
2017City of MilwaukeeFire ChiefRohlfing Mark A$148,622.41
2017City of MilwaukeeCity EngineerPolenske Jeffrey S$148,560.95
2017City of MilwaukeeHeavy Equipment Operator XFelzer Daniel J$148,077.87
2017City of MilwaukeeDeputy City AttorneyHorwitz Miriam R$147,866.38
2017City of MilwaukeePolice LieutenantDonaldson Eric C$147,805.30
2017City of MilwaukeePolice LieutenantHarris Derrick L$147,562.47
2017City of MilwaukeeMayorBarrett Thomas M$147,335.76
2017City of MilwaukeeCity AttorneyLangley Grant F$147,335.50
2017City of MilwaukeePolice SergeantAdenekan Tayo F$147,273.42
2017City of MilwaukeePolice OfficerLewis Phillip B$147,265.90
2017City of MilwaukeeFire & Pol Comm Ex DirRegan Marynell$147,059.08
2017City of MilwaukeeChief Investment OfficerSilber David Michael$147,043.13
2017City of MilwaukeePolice LieutenantYaghnam Wesam F$146,756.63
2017City of MilwaukeeAdministration DirectorRobinson Sharon D$146,474.69
2017City of MilwaukeePolice SergeantHonzelka Joseph W$146,294.95
2017City of MilwaukeeFirefighterMoczynski David L$145,741.25
2017City of MilwaukeeFire Lieutenant XKraai Karl H$145,472.53
2017City of MilwaukeePolice LieutenantMoews Christopher A$144,652.04
2017City of MilwaukeeFire CaptainGarski Dean A$144,511.58
2017City of MilwaukeePolice LieutenantGlidewell Herb R$144,414.68
2017City of MilwaukeeBattalion Chief FireGroth Raymond A$143,956.90
2017City of MilwaukeePolice LieutenantFoster M'johno R$143,840.40
2017City of MilwaukeeHeavy Equipment Operator XSanchez Jan A$143,800.41
2017City of MilwaukeePolice LieutenantRedacted$143,305.08
2017City of MilwaukeeAsst Chief Of PoliceHarpole James$142,847.51
2017City of MilwaukeePolice LieutenantKavanagh Paul R$142,839.15
2017City of MilwaukeeFire CaptainKlemstein Troy T$142,335.61
2017City of MilwaukeeAsst Chief Of PoliceJessup William R$142,139.59
2017City of MilwaukeeDeputy City AttorneySmokowicz Jan A$141,709.50
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