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WY - State/Local Employee Salaries - All Local Employees

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2018University of WyomingCoach Head FootballBohl Craig Philip$1,259,767.00
2017University of WyomingCoach Head FootballBohl Craig Philip$1,107,168.00
2017University of WyomingCoach Head Men's BasketballEdwards Allen E$405,163.98
2018University of WyomingCoach Head Men's BasketballEdwards Allen E$385,332.00
2018University of WyomingPresidentNichols Laurie Ann Stenberg$338,503.00
2018University of WyomingCoach Asst FootballHazelton Scott Gregory$333,337.00
2018University of WyomingAthletic DirectorBurman Thomas K$327,381.00
2017University of WyomingVice PresidentGern William A$304,057.71
2017University of WyomingDean/ProfessorSteiner Joseph F$297,095.04
2018University of WyomingWyoming Excellence Chair/ProfPiri Mohammad$288,323.77
2017University of WyomingProfessorReddy Katta Jayaram$286,560.48
2017University of WyomingPresidentNichols Laurie Ann Stenberg$286,503.00
2017University of WyomingWyoming Excellence Chair/ProfPiri Mohammad$284,260.97
2017University of WyomingAssoc Dean/ProfessorVarca Philip E$277,066.05
2017University of WyomingProfessorMurdock Margaret M$268,907.08
2017University of WyomingAthletic DirectorBurman Thomas K$257,718.00
2017University of WyomingDepartment Head/ProfessorParish Thomas R$255,061.00
2018University of WyomingCoach Head Womens BasketballLegerski Joseph J$251,935.00
2018University of WyomingCoachAssoc Head FootballVigen Brent Erick$250,765.00
2017University of WyomingInterim Assocprovost/ProfessorHild Angela L$250,099.27
2017University of WyomingDistinguished ProfessorWelle Elaine Ann$245,640.00
2017University of WyomingAssoc Dean/ProfessorShalinsky Audrey C$242,076.55
2017University of WyomingCoach Head Womens BasketballLegerski Joseph J$237,450.00
2017University of WyomingPooled Position Limited TemporKerr Greg Lynn$230,349.00
2018University of WyomingExecutive DirectorNortham Mark A$225,655.00
2017University of WyomingProfessorDonahue Debra L$225,640.00
2018University of WyomingProvost &VicepresAcad AffairsMiller Kate Curling$225,628.00
2018University of WyomingProfessor/Scarlett Chair BusnsWeatherford Lawrence R$225,501.00
2017University of WyomingExecutive DirectorNortham Mark A$225,009.00
2017University of WyomingProvost &VicepresAcad AffairsMiller Kate Curling$225,000.00
2017University of WyomingProfessorGasem Khaled A M$223,541.56
2017University of WyomingProfessorBarbier Edward Burr$215,616.43
2017University of WyomingCoachAssoc Head FootballVigen Brent Erick$210,054.00
2017University of WyomingPooled Position Limited TemporBauer Carl Oscar$210,000.00
2018University of WyomingProf/Dept Chair/MendicinochairLeach Mark Paul$207,115.00
2017University of WyomingDirector/ProfessorKleinsasser Audrey Marie$206,164.43
2018University of WyomingDept Chair/ProfessorShogren Jason F$203,979.00
2017University of WyomingDean/ProfessorAlexander Klinton W$202,500.00
2018University of WyomingDean/ProfessorAlexander Klinton W$202,500.00
2017University of WyomingDean/ProfessorPishko Michael V$202,041.00
2018University of WyomingDean/ProfessorPishko Michael V$202,041.00
2018University of WyomingProfessorGasem Khaled A M$200,443.13
2017University of WyomingAssoc ProfessorRittenburg Terri Lynn$200,146.75
2018University of WyomingProgram DirectorVeauthier Brian M$199,380.00
2018University of WyomingVice PresidentSynakowski Edmund J$195,003.00
2017University of WyomingClinical Associate ProfessorVeauthier Brian M$194,334.00
2018University of WyomingInterim Director/ProfessorBridgeman Jacquelyn L$193,630.00
2018University of WyomingProfessorParkinson Bruce Alan$193,519.00
2017University of WyomingProfessorParkinson Bruce Alan$193,297.00
2018University of WyomingProfessorConsidine Timothy J$191,585.00
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