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2016A&i1 Factor Llc$328.05
2016Dot101 Telco Solutions Inc$465.59
2016Revenue123 Spirits$130.00
2016Game & Fish14 Ranch Llc$176.00
2016A&i1510 Pershing Llc$1,520,702.10
2016Health180 Medical Inc$161,458.36
2016Dot1st-in-padlocks Llc$1,462.56
2016Family Services2 Doors Down Inc$296.14
2016Parks & Culture2 Doors Down Inc$506.00
2016Da Lara Cty 638204 Fox Holdings$1,082.00
2016Workforce Serv204 Fox Holdings$178.00
2016Family Services204 Fox Holdings$3,649.00
2016State Cnstrctn204 Fox Holdings$654.70
2016Dot21 Electric Llc$3,114.10
2016Game & Fish21 Ranch Inc$2,933.00
2016Health212 Degrees Llc$29,079.84
2016Workforce Serv212 Degrees Llc$890.00
2016Doc21st Century Equipment Llc$1,120.28
2016Game & Fish21st Century Equipment Llc$2,765.68
2016Military21st Century Equipment Llc$10,888.71
2016Dot21st Century Equipmt Ll$23.99
2016Revenue21st Century Spirits Llc$6,910.50
2016Ent Tech Serv22nd Century Staffing Inc$91,964.50
2016Lso2777 Inc$705.00
2016Revenue2hawk Llc$3,182.40
2016A&i2m Company Inc$14,182.73
2016Family Services2m Company Inc$21,575.88
2016Health2m Company Inc$1,254.40
2016Parks & Culture2m Company Inc$372.57
2016A&i2m Construction Inc$3,204.98
2016Doc2m Construction Inc$7,710.72
2016Governor2m Construction Inc$1,201.68
2016Game & Fish2nd Generation Inc$9,190.72
2016Health2nd Street Dental Llc$662,310.10
2016Health2s Case Management$107,674.20
2016Workforce Serv3 Amigos Clinic In The Northern Rockies Pc$190.00
2016Revenue3 Crowns Distributor And Importers Llc$2,186.40
2016Game & Fish3 Fingers Ranch Inc$256.00
2016Revenue3 Horse Ranch Vineyards Llc$37,439.22
2016A&i307 Auto Glass Llc$2,090.00
2016Dot307 Collision Center Inc$2,583.80
2016Parks & Culture307 Dance Academy$9,268.00
2016Dot307 Field Services Llc$130.00
2016Business Coucil360 Office Solutions Inc$232.70
2016Family Services360 Office Solutions Inc$289.00
2016Sup.court360 Office Solutions Inc$987.33
2016Workforce Serv360training$1,995.00
2016Dot3m Co$493,950.45
2016A&i3m Company$23,662.34
2016Doc3m Company$14,268.75
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