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DC - Federal Employee Salaries - White House Employees

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Annual Wages

2019Associate DirectorBedan Morgan E$72,700.00
2019Director Of Writers For Presidential CorrespondenceBeley James P$72,700.00
2019Senior VideographerBrown Samuel B$72,700.00
2019Associate DirectorCarter Lauren V$72,700.00
2019Associate DirectorChaffee Christopher L$72,700.00
2019Associate DirectorClemens Nicholas J$72,700.00
2019Associate DirectorCollins Rachel E$72,700.00
2019Project ManagerDeeley Blake R$72,700.00
2019Operations ManagerFinzer Mary C$72,700.00
2019Associate DirectorFrattaroli Caroline E$72,700.00
2019Supervisor For Records ManagementHoang Vy T$72,700.00
2019Associate DirectorHowell Joseph M$72,700.00
2019Director Of Media Operations For The Office Of The First LadyLehardy Anne H$72,700.00
2019Deputy Director Of White House Travel OfficeMahfouz Michael D$72,700.00
2019Director Of Agency OutreachParanzino Anthony M$72,700.00
2019Associate DirectorRauch John A$72,700.00
2019Assistant Staff SecretarySalvi Mary E$72,700.00
2019Digital Content ProducerShoemaker Clay M$72,700.00
2019Associate DirectorSmith Steven M$72,700.00
2019Liaison To The White House Operations CenterSzabo Thomas G$72,700.00
2019Associate DirectorWiggins Jeremy G$72,700.00
2019Assistant Staff SecretaryToland Scott R$72,700.00
2019StenographerLernihan Hailey I$70,500.00
2019StenographerMiller Colin R$70,500.00
2019Deputy Director Of Information ServicesRafi Hina A$70,200.00
2019Policy AdvisorBonfitto Jordan P$69,581.00
2019Project ManagerNachmany Eli$69,581.00
2019Advisor For Regional CommunicationsHorstman John H$68,036.00
2019Policy AdvisorTelford Katherine M$68,036.00
2019Records Management AnalystBlount Patricia H$66,900.00
2019Associate DirectorBennett Kaleb M$64,400.00
2019Deputy Associate DirectorCoia Giovanna T$64,400.00
2019Special Projects Manager For White House PersonnelConnor Brian P$64,400.00
2019Special AssistantCraddock Rachel A$64,400.00
2019Director Of Volunteers Comment Line And Greetings For Presidential CorrespondenceD'arcangelo Nicole M$64,400.00
2019Deputy Director Of WritersDelaplane Camellia A$64,400.00
2019Finance Manager For White House Management OfficeFrank Timothy R$64,400.00
2019Trip ManagerHemme Jacob W$64,400.00
2019Director Of Agency Liaison For Presidential CorrespondenceHenry John R$64,400.00
2019Associate DirectorHorning Daniel M$64,400.00
2019Regional Communications DirectorHurley Carolina L$64,400.00
2019Associate DirectorKloss Alicia K$64,400.00
2019Regional Communications DirectorLoyd Weston Y$64,400.00
2019Senior Researcher And Writing AssociateMacdonnell Patrick P$64,400.00
2019Operations Manager For White House Management OfficeMcavoy Ryan P$64,400.00
2019Associate DirectorMcbride Emily J$64,400.00
2019Special Projects And Travel Manager For White House Management OfficeMccaffrey Grace E$64,400.00
2019Facilities Manager For White House Management OfficeMeehan Colton A$64,400.00
2019Associate DirectorMeredith Mason W$64,400.00
2019Operations Project ManagerMoeder-brady Catherine B$64,400.00
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