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DC - Federal Employee Salaries - White House Employees

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Annual Wages

2019Assistant To The President And Senior AdvisorKushner Jared C$0.00
2019Advisor To The PresidentTrump Ivanka M$0.00
2019Assistant To The President And Deputy Chief Of Staff For Policy CoordinationLiddell Christopher P$30,000.00
2019Associate WriterAdams Patrick M$43,600.00
2019Junior Digital DesignerAnthony Taylor A$43,600.00
2019Associate DirectorCampisi Caroline E$43,600.00
2019Records Management AnalystCarlson Caron P$43,600.00
2019Junior Digital DesignerDelapp Bridget M$43,600.00
2019Records Management AnalystFischer Jennifer A$43,600.00
2019Staff AssistantFlemister Alex F$43,600.00
2019Records Management AnalystFoster Gregory I$43,600.00
2019Associate DirectorFritz Hannah E$43,600.00
2019Records Management AnalystGipe Abby L$43,600.00
2019Associate WriterHarris Shane M$43,600.00
2019Government Communications CoordinatorHasse Sarah K$43,600.00
2019Staff AssistantHutchinson Cassidy J$43,600.00
2019Digital CoordinatorJosephs Sarah A$43,600.00
2019Staff AssistantKirschbaum Alexandra R$43,600.00
2019Associate DirectorMartin Nicole M$43,600.00
2019Associate DirectorMiller Simon B$43,600.00
2019Associate DirectorPoole Logan B$43,600.00
2019Staff AssistantPorter Kathleen M$43,600.00
2019Staff AssistantPowers Lucille R$43,600.00
2019Research AssistantRobertson Hannah J$43,600.00
2019Staff AssistantSeaman Madeline A$43,600.00
2019Associate DirectorValenti Beatrice A$43,600.00
2019Records Management AnalystWang Mu Ping$43,600.00
2019Research AssociateBarela Sean A$48,800.00
2019Staff AssistantBasica Ljubica D$48,800.00
2019Research AssociateBock Iv William$48,800.00
2019Executive AssistantBoyd Charlton J$48,800.00
2019Associate DirectorButler Nicole C$48,800.00
2019Press AssistantCantrell Austin D$48,800.00
2019Staff AssistantCarnes Jake E$48,800.00
2019Research AssociateChristianson Matthew T$48,800.00
2019Executive AssistantCytryn Jennifer B$48,800.00
2019Director Of Operations For Presidential CorrespondenceFeldman Zachary J$48,800.00
2019Digital CoordinatorGarnier Noelle E$48,800.00
2019Staff AssistantGoodwin Bryce W$48,800.00
2019Executive AssistantHarvard Hope M$48,800.00
2019Staff AssistantHiggins Emily J$48,800.00
2019Staff AssistantHitt Iv Eddie W$48,800.00
2019Staff AssistantImhoff Olivia P$48,800.00
2019Director Of Correspondence For Presidential PersonnelKepto Abigail E$48,800.00
2019Staff AssistantKilgore Klarke W$48,800.00
2019Staff AssistantKunasek Hannah G$48,800.00
2019Press AssistantMartin Margo M$48,800.00
2019Staff AssistantMacdougall James M$48,800.00
2019Associate DirectorMorgan Anne E$48,800.00
2019Staff AssistantO'rourke Jr Peter M$48,800.00
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