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Annual Wages

2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDossett Harold G$383,807.00
2017Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixLucero Edward M$379,482.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixHawkins James Stanley$377,010.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixHawkins James Stanley$376,000.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixHawkins James Stanley$376,000.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixKupfer Joel Michael$375,569.00
2016Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixLucero Edward M$375,000.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixKupfer Joel Michael$374,559.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDossett Harold G$372,117.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSwartz George J$369,280.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixCranford Christopher Sabin$367,077.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSwartz George J$364,701.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixOrbon Richard Joseph$361,564.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixCranford Christopher Sabin$361,335.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixFerrara Stephen Louis$360,758.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixHalligan Robert E$360,457.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixOrbon Richard Joseph$360,384.00
2015Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSwartz George J$358,636.00
2014Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSwartz George J$357,528.00
2015Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixCranford Christopher S$355,980.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixTomeh Salaheddine$355,822.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixButerbaugh John E$355,731.00
2014Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixCranford Christopher S$355,000.00
2015Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDossett Harold G$354,879.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixTomeh Salaheddine$354,370.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSwartz George J$354,261.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSwartz George J$354,261.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixYoung Michele A$352,957.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixHalligan Robert E$352,607.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDersam Michael Daniel$351,534.00
2014Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDossett Harold G$350,504.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDossett Harold G$350,504.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixAlmaria Hermenegildo H$350,000.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixJackson Mark L$350,000.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixBiglari Majid D$349,607.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixPotenza Bruce Michael$349,392.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixPotenza Bruce Michael$348,382.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixIgel Brian J$347,650.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDersam Michael Daniel$347,125.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixEl Saden Suzie$345,141.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixHalpern Vivienne J$344,181.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixButerbaugh John E$343,720.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixAlmaria Hermenegildo H$343,702.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixBiglari Majid D$343,639.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixJackson Mark L$340,337.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixArzouman David Allen$338,025.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixNanda Rakesh$336,654.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSerra Kenneth Lorenzo$336,384.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixGoldstein Edwin G$336,184.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDorsey Michelle L$334,614.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixCotie Tim A$333,880.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixHalpern Vivienne J$333,670.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDorsey Michelle L$333,502.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixThomas Winston$333,398.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixKiafar Camron$333,304.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixThomas Winston$332,252.00
2014Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixJoehl Raymond J$331,534.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixNaqi Khalid$330,299.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixGoldstein Edwin G$330,106.00
2017Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixBuenafe Michael L$329,720.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixJoehl Raymond J$328,267.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixLandan Derek$327,869.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixMartin Katherine E$327,566.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixHenschke Claudia I$327,285.00
2015Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixHalligan Robert E$326,658.00
2016Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixBuenafe Michael L$325,000.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDossett Harold G$324,521.00
2015Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixTomeh Salaheddine$324,225.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixStipinovich Vanessa M$323,596.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixPerkins David E$323,408.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixWang Ping Yeu$323,169.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixWang Ping Yeu$322,159.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixBourdages Howard R$321,913.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixPyeatt John Dudley$321,600.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDybal Eric John$321,399.00
2015Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixLopchinsky Richard A$321,282.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixYoung Michele A$320,607.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSimmonds Garey Scott$318,985.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixChan Keith C$318,771.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixChan Keith C$318,771.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixPerkins David E$318,752.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDorsey Hubert Anthony$318,462.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixMeka Madhavi$318,399.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixMartin Katherine E$318,123.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSimmonds Garey Scott$317,975.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixHenschke Claudia I$317,876.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixStiles Wendy$317,482.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixStipinovich Vanessa M$317,416.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDildeep Ambujakshan$317,335.00
2014Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixLopchinsky Richard A$316,939.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixLopchinsky Richard A$316,939.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixMcarthur Ross$316,759.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixBezzant Shane M$316,666.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixRunfola Mark A$315,659.00
2015Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixKilpatrick Danny B$314,593.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDuffey Martin G$314,560.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDorsey Hubert Anthony$314,282.00
2017Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSlaughter Ryan C$314,177.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixBourdages Howard R$313,548.00
2016Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixCotie Tim A$313,410.00
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