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AZ - Federal Employee Salaries - Federal Employees

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Annual Wages

2013Department Of InteriorPhoenixHines Richard D$165,300.00
2013Department Of JusticePhoenixHollis Wendell A$165,300.00
2013Social Security AdministrationPhoenixKnight Joan G$165,300.00
2013National Labor Relations BoardPhoenixMeyerson Gregory Z$165,300.00
2013Social Security AdministrationPhoenixMoulaison Philip E$165,300.00
2013Department Of JusticePhoenixRichardson John W$165,300.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixRomaneski Mark J$165,300.00
2013Social Security AdministrationPhoenixSeiler James E$165,300.00
2013Social Security AdministrationPhoenixTucevich Michael D$165,300.00
2013Social Security AdministrationPhoenixZisook Sheldon P$165,300.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixClark Willie C$165,236.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixWright Jeffrey R$165,104.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixTargovnik Jerome H$165,058.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixLawson Michael A$165,009.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixLorentz John F$165,000.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixReres Jeffrey G$164,940.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixBaier Leslie J$164,827.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixWojtulski Mark S$164,449.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixLjaamo Sven K$164,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixLeeper Tommy C$163,703.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixShah Sanjay J$163,448.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixKesler Christopher M$163,368.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixFeatherston Daniel P$163,267.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixStawash Joseph F$163,221.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixReddy Sandhya Singidi$162,970.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixMiller Tamara S$162,823.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixPatterson Yvonne L$162,823.00
2013Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationPhoenixWeber Kenneth$162,063.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixCheron Fred A$162,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixKohn Joseph$162,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixPalmer Richard$162,000.00
2013Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationPhoenixMarmon Hjelmelan Debora$161,945.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixConstas Robert$161,913.00
2013Department Of TreasuryPhoenixOlson Susan M$161,855.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixMolina John W$161,576.00
2013Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationPhoenixLucas Larry D$160,878.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixLoerch Dennis J$160,864.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixWard Gary S$160,864.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixWood Richard A$160,864.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDelzell Jennifer A$160,764.00
2013National Credit Union AdministrationPhoenixMarkgraf Lynn K$160,555.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixDesmond Edward J$160,321.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixBurke Erin M$160,267.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixBashir Ayesha$160,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixCofer Thomas N$160,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDodge Russell R$160,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixKempa James S$160,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixRectenwald Robert W Ii$160,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixTong Michaela H$160,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixWeil Franklin B$160,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixMcgrory John P$159,267.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixLewis Bradford W$158,767.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSkantharoopan Thirunavu$158,703.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixMiller David L$158,323.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixHallmann Diane S$158,129.00
2013Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationPhoenixMorgan Bret J$158,067.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixBeard Joella P$157,500.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSedmak Primrose A$157,215.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSteeper John R$157,215.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixCheng Shu-Chin$157,148.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixHolgate Cynthia E$157,148.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixMiller Kenneth H$157,148.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixNeedham Robin William$157,148.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixPolner David T$157,148.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixYubeta Cristobal Jr$157,148.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixBowring Erik V$156,798.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixMclaughlin Linda A$156,793.00
2013Department Of JusticePhoenixSmith Dennis R$156,709.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixHart Douglas A$156,662.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixMcanally Thomas P$156,546.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixBuenafe Michelle E$156,462.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixYoung Jayson D$156,075.00
2013Medicaid & Chip Payment & Access CommPhoenixHoyt Mark S$156,024.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixMonte Michael B$155,767.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixMorency Yves$155,767.00
2013Department Of Homeland SecurityPhoenixSchlegel Thomas E$155,757.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixChan Connie S$155,715.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixMayfield Randall C$155,563.00
2013Department Of JusticePhoenixRicotta Salvatore A$155,500.00
2013Department Of JusticePhoenixSmith Merlyn D$155,500.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixLabarthe Susan S$155,267.00
2013Department Of Homeland SecurityPhoenixAhlstrom Patrick C$155,142.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixAustin Stephen B$155,000.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixDelgado Jamael T$155,000.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixNechiporenko Claire F$155,000.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixPhan Clarrisa W$155,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixShah Mahmud$155,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSilberg Gregg S$155,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixWellington Earl C$155,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixCavanagh Burma W$154,862.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixKinchelow-Schmidt Tosca$154,715.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixCausey David L$154,550.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixCunningham Daniel A$154,145.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixAshkezari Zahra D$154,000.00
2013Department Of TreasuryPhoenixLedet Mark C$153,665.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixGallagher Beth A$153,314.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixSwardson Charles E$153,314.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixBennett Lawrence E$153,267.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixPatel Deepak R$153,267.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixRobertson Valorie R$153,267.00
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