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AZ - Federal Employee Salaries - Federal Employees

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Annual Wages

2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixSharp Harold L$143,814.00
2013Department Of TreasuryPhoenixName Withheld By Opm$143,746.00
2013Department Of TreasuryPhoenixHansen Rodney L$143,481.00
2013Department Of Homeland SecurityPhoenixBarkley John B$143,469.00
2013Department Of Housing And Urban DevelopmPhoenixConner Wendell E$143,469.00
2013Social Security AdministrationPhoenixMeza Arthur R$143,469.00
2013Department Of JusticePhoenixShamblin Renee Sandler$143,469.00
2013Department Of JusticePhoenixWatson Larry L$143,469.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixProck Stacy L$142,982.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixWeil Ethel Jennifer$142,392.00
2013Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationPhoenixWagner Ronald J$142,279.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixCarnes Casey A J$141,366.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixHamer Ross L$141,366.00
2013Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationPhoenixDrye Karen S$141,067.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixClaflin Nancy T$141,064.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixNaasz Katrina H$140,999.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixHenry Charles K$140,911.00
2013Social Security AdministrationPhoenixArmbruster Ted W$139,995.00
2013Social Security AdministrationPhoenixBucci Patricia A$139,995.00
2013Social Security AdministrationPhoenixCheffins Thomas E$139,995.00
2013Social Security AdministrationPhoenixMucerino Kathleen M$139,995.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixSherwood Steven T$139,953.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixBunt Joy C$139,591.00
2013Department Of InteriorPhoenixCrain Matt W$139,591.00
2013Department Of InteriorPhoenixGheleta Michael Arthur$139,591.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixHenderson Pauline D$139,591.00
2013Department Of TreasuryPhoenixName Withheld By Opm$139,591.00
2013Department Of EnergyPhoenixPotts James R$139,591.00
2013Department Of Homeland SecurityPhoenixShepherd Kimberley J$139,591.00
2013Department Of Homeland SecurityPhoenixVasquez Virginia A$139,591.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixWeahkee Rose L$139,591.00
2013Department Of CommercePhoenixWoodall Gary R$139,591.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixKrasnovsky John P$139,159.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixGrajeda Betty Jo$138,267.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSanchez Elizabeth$138,267.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixMorgan Timothy C$137,714.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixKimerly Charolette N$136,596.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixAllbritton Glenn H$136,177.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixBurnett Timothy B$136,177.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixMcdonald Jenny$136,177.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixBinkley Jay L$135,792.00
2013Department Of JusticePhoenixGiaimo Jennifer A$135,714.00
2013National Labor Relations BoardPhoenixIrving Paul R$135,714.00
2013Department Of Housing And Urban DevelopmPhoenixKemp Raymond W$135,714.00
2013Department Of Homeland SecurityPhoenixLandis Brent H$135,714.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixLloyd Susan A$135,714.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixLuzi David J$135,714.00
2013Department Of Homeland SecurityPhoenixMartin Amy C$135,714.00
2013Department Of InteriorPhoenixRawhouser Deborah K$135,714.00
2013Department Of InteriorPhoenixShipman Gerald W$135,714.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixFowler Eva G$135,511.00
2013Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationPhoenixViau Kirk N$134,111.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixForcum Anthony L$133,902.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixMaurer Stephen$133,788.00
2013National Credit Union AdministrationPhoenixRickey Brice L$133,668.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixSambrano Samuel J$133,336.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSearle Andrea D$132,688.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixLeavitt Carmen$132,624.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixCrawford Michael R$132,439.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixFazio James T$132,439.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixRick Jason M$132,388.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSweeney Megan Sims$132,340.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixDeaton Timothy R$131,993.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixGibson Jessica Lynn$131,993.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixHamann James M$131,993.00
2013Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationPhoenixStandage Aaron G$131,954.00
2013Department Of InteriorPhoenixHastings Jimmy D$131,836.00
2013Department Of Homeland SecurityPhoenixJeffries Lina Tran$131,836.00
2013Department Of InteriorPhoenixMcvey Rodney M$131,836.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixNeel Thomas E$131,836.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixPetty Karla Snyder$131,836.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixRobinson Lance E$131,836.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixVarma Anita$131,836.00
2013Department Of InteriorPhoenixSuazo Raymond$131,526.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixStempel Steven M$131,468.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixBrogan John R$131,347.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixBond Brian C$131,127.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixJohnson Adam A$131,127.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixLittle Robert J$131,127.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixMurray Tricia L$131,127.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixRosser Gary B Jr$131,127.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixSoler Steven Martin$131,127.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixSoler Tanya A$131,127.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixTorres Jesse J$131,127.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixStoraci Richard R$131,018.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixRaulston Steven Earl$130,798.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixNolan Ryan$130,728.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixNovak John C Jr$130,052.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixBurgos George L$130,005.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixRhodes Charles E$129,865.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixMcnamara Thomas J$129,820.00
2013Department Of TreasuryPhoenixMorrow Lisa Ann$129,401.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixGonzalez Abraham L$129,270.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixAlmquist Clarence W$129,233.00
2013Department Of Homeland SecurityPhoenixOliver James S$129,151.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixHart Mary K$128,916.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixBegay Tamana$128,671.00
2013Department Of TransportationPhoenixBailey Thomas E$128,557.00
2013Department Of AgriculturePhoenixBaker Al$128,557.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixBoswell Terri Y$128,557.00
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