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AZ - Federal Employee Salaries - Federal Employees

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Annual Wages

2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixMobley Theodore L$235,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixLi Li$233,267.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixBlum Jay Elliott$230,000.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixBogardus Clifton Iii$230,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixDeering Darren G$230,000.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixMartin Melissa A$230,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSoliman Adam M$230,000.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixWarfield John R$230,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixAmbrose Laurence S$229,138.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixKishi Glen Y$226,867.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixBuenafe Michael L$226,303.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixGraf Shafa Elisabeth$225,507.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixGreenberger Robert A$225,507.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixHorton Mark B$225,507.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixHannallah Hany E$225,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixAguayo Samuel M$224,865.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixAhmed Mehr T$223,276.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixReardon Christopher L$223,227.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixBrown Sheldon R$223,131.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixKnowler William C$223,072.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixFriedman Leslie A$221,074.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixKieran Jennefer$220,507.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixLeonard Elise A$220,000.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixManley Mark E$220,000.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixVela B Sylvia$220,000.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixOsaki James$219,256.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixDavis John A$218,362.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixNirmul Camlesh G$217,404.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixCarrera Carlos J$216,734.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixWoeckener Anna L$216,263.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixFelicetta James V$215,376.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixLippard Walter K$215,267.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixFelty-Duckworth Anna M$214,960.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixRierson Robert D$214,715.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixMunshi Elizabeth B$214,622.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSegal Roland$214,547.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixAnthony Clint Wayne$214,177.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixNordberg Kris O$213,929.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixVenditti Robbi D$213,267.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixPiatt Malcolm K$211,832.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixPollack Jason$211,585.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixHladik James R$210,742.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixCarman Donna R$210,507.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixTrkula Gerald W$210,031.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixWright Timothy R$210,000.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixJones Terrence Allen$209,940.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixMoffitt Maricela P$209,255.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixSingarajah Clement U$209,227.00
2013Department Of Health And Human ServicesPhoenixAdams Karen C$208,405.00
2013Department Of Veterans AffairsPhoenixAustrheim Owen H$208,352.00
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