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IL - State/Local Employee Salaries - Family Taxpayer Network

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Annual Wages

2006Oswego Cusd 308Middle/jr. Hi School TeacherMurphy Brian J$766,372.00
2009Spec Educ Assoc Of Adams CountyPsychologistAncelet Barbara$609,300.00
2006Oswego Cusd 308High School TeacherEdwards Jeffrey S$559,315.00
2006Woodland Ccsd 50Elementary TeacherTrimble Timothy J$533,679.00
2010City Of Chicago Sd 299Special Education TeacherRussell Lucille$413,000.00
2008Niles Twp Chsd 219District SuperintendentCodell Neil C$411,511.00
2006Argo Chsd 217High School TeacherKolke Greg J$407,072.00
2008Homewood Flossmoor Chsd 233District SuperintendentMurray Laura L$402,331.00
2007Hinsdale Ccsd 181District SuperintendentCurley Mary M$385,379.00
2006Cusd 200District SuperintendentCatalani Gary T$380,227.00
2009Spec Educ Assoc Of Adams CountySpeech/language PathologistBallough Tiffany$379,600.00
2007Winnetka Sd 36District SuperintendentVan Der Bogert Rebecca$374,496.00
2012Lincolnshire-prairieview Sd 103District SuperintendentFleming Larry$374,302.00
2009Ccsd 93District SuperintendentGmitro Henry$368,589.00
2006Bellwood Sd 88Elementary TeacherCordts - Barke Ginnell A$368,000.00
2005Adlai E Stevenson Dist 125Business ManagerHintz James$361,146.00
2011Schaumburg Ccsd 54Assistant District SuperintendentDada M Mohsin$358,750.00
2007Lyons Twp Hsd 204District SuperintendentKelly Dennis G$356,621.00
2006New Trier Twp Hsd 203District SuperintendentBangser Henry S$356,500.00
2006Berkeley Sd 87Elementary TeacherKunesh Karen T$356,258.00
2002City Of Chicago School Dist 299Davis Blondean Y$356,108.00
2011Lincolnshire-prairieview Sd 103District SuperintendentFleming Larry$353,390.00
2003Palatine C C School Dist 15Conyers John G$353,351.00
2010Yorkville Cusd 115District SuperintendentEngler Thomas$350,154.00
2008Ccsd 93District SuperintendentGmitro Henry A$348,113.00
2005New Trier Twp H S Dist 203District SuperintendentBangser Henry S$345,600.00
2007Niles Twp Chsd 219District SuperintendentCodell Neil C$343,345.00
2007Sunset Ridge Sd 29District SuperintendentBultinck Howard J$342,184.00
2008Lyons Twp Hsd 204District SuperintendentKelly Dennis G$342,075.00
2010Schaumburg Ccsd 54Assistant District SuperintendentDada M Mohsin$341,747.00
2012Bloom Twp Hsd 206District SuperintendentGiannetti Glen$341,512.00
2008Esd 159District SuperintendentKing Eric A$340,267.00
2009Lyons Twp Hsd 204District SuperintendentKelly Dennis$339,962.00
2012Riverside Sd 96District SuperintendentLamberson Jonathan$339,733.00
2009Schaumburg Ccsd 54Assistant District SuperintendentDada M Mohsin$337,493.00
2007Chsd 218District SuperintendentBurns Kevin G$336,366.00
2009North Shore Sd 112District SuperintendentHager Maureen$336,304.00
2007Homewood Flossmoor Chsd 233District SuperintendentMurray Laura L$335,276.00
2010Lincolnshire-prairieview Sd 103District SuperintendentFleming Larry$334,912.00
2012Marquardt Sd 15District SuperintendentMay Loren$327,748.00
2011Riverside Sd 96District SuperintendentLamberson Jonathan$327,627.00
2008Palatine Ccsd 15District SuperintendentMckanna Robert A$327,596.00
2011Bloom Twp Hsd 206District SuperintendentGiannetti Glen$325,919.00
2012Matteson Esd 162District SuperintendentDavis Blondean$323,866.00
2001Du Page High School Dist 88Lopatka Robert M$321,184.00
2005Glenbard Twp H S Dist 87District SuperintendentHyland Timothy F.$321,158.00
2006Hinsdale Ccsd 181District SuperintendentCurley Mary M$321,149.00
2010Riverside Sd 96District SuperintendentLamberson Jonathan$318,324.00
2011Valley View Cusd 365uDistrict SuperintendentSchoffstall Phillip$317,970.00
2008North Shore Sd 112District SuperintendentHager Maureen L$317,268.00
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