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IL - State/Local Employee Salaries - Family Taxpayer Network

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Annual Wages

2011Ccsd 168District SuperintendentWilliams Rudolph$288,113.00
2004New Trier Twp H S Dist 203District SuperintendentBangser Henry S$288,000.00
2007Schaumburg Ccsd 54Assistant District SuperintendentPolach Kathleen H$287,853.00
2011Batavia Usd 101District SuperintendentBarshinger Jack$286,900.00
2006Niles Twp Chsd 219District SuperintendentCodell Neil C$286,208.00
2004Comm Cons Sch Dist 59District SuperintendentHoward Robert T$285,780.00
2011Joliet Twp Hsd 204District SuperintendentSwanstrom Paul$285,502.00
2006Sunset Ridge Sd 29District SuperintendentBultinck Howard J$285,137.00
2008Cicero Sd 99District SuperintendentSenters Clyde$284,891.00
2001Township H S Dist 211Chapman Gerald D$284,568.00
2008Queen Bee Sd 16District SuperintendentWhite James W$284,040.00
2011Homewood Flossmoor Chsd 233District SuperintendentMansfield Edward$283,865.00
2010Mannheim Sd 83District SuperintendentLane Bruce$282,648.00
2012Comm Cons Sd 59District SuperintendentSchweers Daniel$282,542.00
2011New Trier Twp Hsd 203District SuperintendentYonke Linda$282,405.00
2009Kildeer Countryside Ccsd 96District SuperintendentMany Thomas$282,315.00
2009Schaumburg Ccsd 54District SuperintendentRafferty Edward$282,289.00
2010Schaumburg Ccsd 54District SuperintendentRafferty Edward$282,121.00
2006Pontiac Twp Hsd 90Guidance CounselorAllen Rita M$282,047.00
2010Park Forest Sd 163District SuperintendentCarmine Joyce$281,950.00
2011Schaumburg Ccsd 54District SuperintendentRafferty Edward$281,921.00
2012Northbrook/glenview Sd 30District SuperintendentTivador Edward$281,897.00
2011Leyden Chsd 212District SuperintendentRobbins Kathryn$281,667.00
2008Winnetka Sd 36District SuperintendentHerrmann Mary B$281,464.00
2007Lincolnshire-prairieview SdDistrict SuperintendentFleming Larry K$281,148.00
2004Bloom Twp High Sch Dist 206District SuperintendentPatton Ronald C$280,828.00
2004Puffer Hefty School Dist 69District SuperintendentLongo Margaret W$280,417.00
2011Plainfield Sd 202District SuperintendentHarper John$280,195.00
2002Comm Unit Sch Dist 300Wetzel Norman$279,785.00
2006North Shore Sd 112District SuperintendentHager Maureen L$279,767.00
2010Skokie Sd 68District SuperintendentMctague Frances$279,670.00
2006Homewood Flossmoor Chsd 233District SuperintendentMurray Laura L$279,397.00
2012Winnetka Sd 36District SuperintendentHagerman Thomas$279,364.00
2011Indian Springs Sd 109District SuperintendentNebor Jon$279,317.00
2012Indian Springs Sd 109District SuperintendentNebor Jon$279,201.00
2011Aurora West Usd 129District SuperintendentRydland James$279,061.00
2012Lemont Twp Hsd 210District SuperintendentDoebert Sandra$279,028.00
2011Dupage Hsd 88District SuperintendentHumphrey Steven$278,630.00
2005Northbrook/glenview Sch DisDistrict SuperintendentRossi Harry$278,168.00
2011Avoca Sd 37District SuperintendentPorto Joseph$278,064.00
2006Chsd 218District SuperintendentBurns Kevin G$277,927.00
2012Plainfield Sd 202District SuperintendentHarper John$277,913.00
2009East Maine Sd 63District SuperintendentWilliams Kathleen$277,494.00
2007Zion-benton Twp Hsd 126District SuperintendentMarks Salvo G$277,453.00
2004Lockport Twp Hs Dist 205District SuperintendentWard Christopher J.$277,215.00
2004Glen Ellyn C C School DistDistrict SuperintendentBaskin Lawrence M$277,206.00
2002North Shore Sd 112Desmond Joann$277,060.00
2008Schaumburg Ccsd 54Assistant District SuperintendentDada M Mohsin$276,728.00
2005Community High School DistDistrict SuperintendentBurns Kevin G$276,617.00
2011Crete Monee Cusd 201uDistrict SuperintendentRodgers John$276,546.00
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