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IL - State/Local Employee Salaries - Family Taxpayer Network

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Annual Wages

2001Johnsburg C U School Dist 12Linde Denise$43,363.00
2001Palos Comm Cons School Dist 118Linde Kristine$53,377.00
2001Township H S Dist 211Lindeen John R$101,140.00
2001Naperville C U Dist 203Lindell Jeana$55,367.00
2001Aurora East Unit School Dist 131Lindell Jeffrey A$31,361.00
2001Macomb Comm Unit Sch Dist 185Lindell Jodi L$31,178.00
2001Township High School Dist 214Lindeman James W$46,461.00
2001Tinley Park Comm Cons Sch Dst 146Lindeman Janice$51,403.00
2001Palos Comm Cons School Dist 118Lindeman Patricia$45,111.00
2001Eastland Comm Unit Sch Dist 308Lindeman Tori S$23,406.00
2001Streator Elem School Dist 44Lindeman Vicki S$27,468.00
2001City Of Chicago School Dist 299Lindemann Hans$41,211.00
2001New Lenox School Dist 122Lindemann Kathy$32,497.00
2001Naperville C U Dist 203Lindemann Linda$53,398.00
2001Zion-benton Twp H S Dist 126Lindemann Linden J$69,466.00
2001Burbank School District 111Lindemann Pamela$37,402.00
2001Community Consolidated S D 93Linden Barbara$43,383.00
2001Aurora East Unit School Dist 131Linden Daniel Joseph$29,574.00
2001Rockford School Dist 205Linden Helen B$21,032.00
2001Oswego Comm Unit School Dist 308Linden Michael L$29,451.00
2001Rockford School Dist 205Linden Patti$49,133.00
2001Kaneland C U School Dist 302Linden Sarah B$24,293.00
2001Batavia Unit School Dist 101Linden Vicki$62,814.00
2001Ridgewood Comm H S Dist 234Lindenberg John K$44,964.00
2001Lake Park Comm H S Dist 108Lindenberg Terri$56,004.00
2001Pekin Public School Dist 108Lindenfelser Susan$57,264.00
2001Mendota C C School Dist 289Lindenmeyer Amy L$32,548.00
2001Lee Center C U School Dist 271Lindenmeyer Christina$29,162.00
2001Peru Elem School District 124Lindenmeyer Mary$43,937.00
2001Bethany C U School Dist 301Lindenmeyer Michele$27,980.00
2001Dixon Unit School Dist 170Lindenmier Larry J$33,594.00
2001Fieldcrest Cusd 6Linder Deric$34,412.00
2001Amboy Comm Unit School Dist 272Linder Donna J$34,053.00
2001East Peoria School District 86Linder Kathleen$39,880.00
2001St Charles C U School Dist 303Linder Mary$71,500.00
2001Aurora East Unit School Dist 131Linder Michael M$38,856.00
2001Harlem Unit Dist 122Linder Roberta A$61,063.00
2001Board Of TrusteesLinder Suzanne$20,726.00
2001South Central Comm Unit Dist 401Linder Theresa$28,027.00
2001Plainfield School Dist 202Linders Timm A$35,221.00
2001Marshall C U School Dist 2cLindgren Diane M$33,209.00
2001East St Louis School Dist 189Lindesy Millicent$51,729.00
2001Aurora West Unit School Dist 129Lindgren Joan$41,466.00
2001Mount Prospect School Dist 57Lindgren Jonas$33,596.00
2001Deerfield School Dist 109Lindgren Judith A$89,479.00
2001Antioch Comm High Sch Dist 117Lindgren Kelly A$30,659.00
2001Moline Unit School District 40Lindgren Mary L$63,298.00
2001St Charles C U School Dist 303Lindgren Ramona$78,129.00
2001Township High School Dist 214Lindgren Robert J$67,866.00
2001City Of Chicago School Dist 299Lindgren Robert N$55,818.00
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