Sharyl Attkisson: (REPORT) U.S. pays record $20 Billion to welcome illegal aliens with ‘refugee and entrant assistance’ 18_Sharyl_Attkisson_border_crisis

February 9, 2024 04:15 PM


By Sharyl Attkisson | Full article at

The Biden administration’s disastrous open border policies will only increase the cost of providing all these rewards to illegal aliens. In 2023 the U.S. Border Patrol encountered a record-breaking 2.5 million migrants, and early figures indicate this year will be worse. “There seems to be no end in sight, or meaningful plan from the Biden administration to stop or slow the number of people coming over the border,” says the founder of the Hinsdale, Illinois group, OpenTheBooks, that issued the report. “Meanwhile, federal funds flowing to migrants are growing at an exponential rate.”

The nonprofit points out that its auditors looked at just one federal office—ORR—to get an idea of how much spending is going towards accommodating, transporting, and providing migrants with various other services.

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