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December 28, 2015 11:57 AM
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"What exactly is the federal government doing so well that warrants 
this push to expand its size and scope?"
By Adam Andrzejewski
Forbes | March 1, 2016
Even after the crushing defeat of the self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina Democratic primary, the march toward socialism in America will continue. 
This movement begs the question: What exactly is the federal government doing so well that warrants this push to expand its size and scope?
Not long ago, America's slide toward socialism sparked international alarm. 
On January 29, 2010, at the Union League Union Club, Chicago, Lech Walesa - the former President of Poland, founder of Solidarity, and 1983 Noble Laureate - issued his now famous 'Warning for America.' 
Friend of Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and Margaret Thatcher  (all helped defeat Cold-War Soviet bloc communism) - Walesa gave a speech at an endorsement event for my campaign for Governor of Illinois: 
So, now in 2016, can socialism from the top-down defy history and help us all?
Our oversight shows that socialism in America - the government takeover of everything - has been going on for a long time.  But, we've found scant evidence of 'smart government.' Here are some brief examples:
  • Federal farm subsidy program - tens of millions of dollars flow into New York City, Chicago and Washington D.C. - where there are no farms.  
  • Fortune 100 Companies are corporate welfare queens receiving $1.2 trillion in federal grants, subsidies, and payments from 2001-2013.
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in federal Pell grants and student loans are flowing to colleges of cosmetology across America - allowing these schools to charge tuition higher than some Big Ten universities. 
  • The Small Business Administration (SBA) - supposed lenders to mom and pop businesses on Main Street - sent $9.2 billion to some of the most wealthy and successful private equity firms in the country.
  • Self-promotion. We quantified $4.4 billion spent on public relations campaigns by federal agencies. If the feds were an ad agency, they would rank #2 in the world. 
  • Recently, we studied the EPA - read the details at Forbes.
Some would say the greatest moral challenge we face today is that government is too small and taxes are too low. 
They argue the best way to fix a government riddled with waste and cronyism is to make it larger. They call themselves socialists. 
Lech Walesa just might call them communists. 
Find out why - Read Forbes Column 'Is America Sliding Toward Socialism?'
Adam Andrzejewski (say: Angie-f-ski)
Matthew Tyrmand
Deputy Director
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