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December 30, 2016 10:58 AM

Can't You Just Feel the Excitement? 

Together, we are driving the 'Transparency Revolution!'
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For the first time in history, we're posting online every dime taxed and spent by every unit of government- federal,
state, and local - across America.
It's time to 'Join the Transparency Revolution!' 
We provide the tools so you can 'Fight City Hall' and win! Together, we have a moral obligation to stop waste, fraud, and duplication.
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Our reputation is growing.  
  • In July, we briefed the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on our report: 67 non-military federal agencies spent $1.5 billion on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment during a nine-year period.  This report published on the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal.  
  • In September, Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley used our report to hold Veterans Affairs accountable for $20 million in high-end art purchases while veterans died waiting to see a doctor. The VA Secretary apologized and instituted new rules to stop future abuses. Our findings were covered on Good Morning America, ABC World News Tonight, and FOX News Special Report reaching millions of Americans.  
  • In Oregon, our oversight of Mr. Regulator, Brad Avakian, head of the Bureau of Labor and Industry, found he mixed government business with his campaign.  Covered by the largest newspapers in Oregon and Washington, in November, Mr. Avakian lost a statewide race.  
  • Throughout 2016, we continued to showcase taxpayer abuse. For example, our report - The Department of Self-Promotion - quantified $4.4 billion in federal government public relations (PR) expenditures. With a new administration in 2017, we expect this waste to stop.
Tens of millions of Americans heard our message in 2016. Our oversight findings were:
Aired on broadcast television - 
Good Morning America; ABC World News; CNBC; FOX News Bill O'Reilly, Special Report, and Fox & Friends; and hundreds of local affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX stations across America.
Published in the nation's prestigious newspapers -
The Wall Street Journal; Boston Globe; Washington Post;
New York Post; The Hill; Washington Times; Orange County Register; Florida Sun-Sentinel; and others.
Posted online - 
Forbes; Drudge Report; Real Clear Politics; ABCNews; CBSNews; National Review; The Daily Beast; Breitbart; Daily Caller; Zero Hedge; and others. 
We also cultivated powerful relationships generating more impact:  
  • Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel - We partnered with the Ohio Treasurer to create the OhioCheckbook mobile app that contains all Ohio state spending: 151 million individual expenditures, $560 billion in spending, and 562,000 salaries of public employees from 2,030 units of Ohio government. 
  • Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, NY - We partnered with the Manhattan Institute (MI) to force the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey to open their checkbook for the first time: $5.6 billion (FY2014).  MI is now using our data to present an exhaustive investigative series.  
  • Edgar County Watchdogs (ECW), IL - The ECW has forced out over 200 elected and public officials in the last 44 months using open data and their watchdog model. As a result, there are seven on-going federal law enforcement investigations -  including the Illinois Auditor General. 
  • Real Clear Politics, Washington D.C. - We helped the recent launch of Real Clear Investigations. Using our data, the U.S. Small Business Administration was exposed for lending $14 billion to Wall Street firms - not Main Street businesses. 


Together, let's continue to fight the status quo in 2017!

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Adam Andrzejewski (say: Angie-f-ski)
Founder and CEO, 
Matthew Tyrmand
Deputy Director
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