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October 13, 2015 08:15 AM
Why Does the EPA Need 198 Public Affairs Officers 
plus millions of dollars in outside PR Campaigns?
Special Report | Bret Baier | FOX News
October 13, 2015
Last night, Special Report with Bret Baier showcased our OpenTheBooks Oversight Report - U.S. Environmental Agency. Why does a major federal agency have nearly 200 PR staff employees?
Recently, the New York Times exposed the EPA for PR excess which was covered last night on Special Report...
Using a Thunderclap social media product to generate nearly one million online "grassroots comments" on new regulations regarding the Clean Water Act.  90% of the comments were positive. But, the Anti-Lobbying Act prohibits the use of tax dollars to advocate for a public position.
Our story first broke on Monday at Washington Free Beacon by reporter Elizabeth Harrington -  click here to read the article
"The EPA wasting $160 million on public relations dwarfs our recent exposure of their high-end furniture purchases ($92 million), Nothing is emblematic of government excess like an army of highly compensated PR agents sitting in their easy chairs. It's simply waste."  OpenTheBooks 
Watch Stuart Varney & Co interview Elizabeth Harrington yesterday at FOX Business regarding our report. 
Among Our Findings:
  • $143 million in salary plus bonus was spent on EPA PR staff plus
  • $15.1 million on outside PR consulting firms since 2007 - that's nearly $20 million in many years.
  • In most years, over 70% of EPA 'Public Affairs Officers' received a bonus - as high as $7,900.
  • In 2014, 'Public Affairs Officer' salaries were as high as $157,500 plus bonus.
  • Over 118 EPA PR staffers made over $100,000 last year.
Over the weekend, Kellan Howell at Washington Times broke our story on the EPA spending millions of dollars on military-style weapons.  The Drudge Report linked to the story and trended #1 all weekend at Washington Times.
Please stay tuned - the EPA has refused to production on our Freedom of Information Act requests since July.  
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