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September 25, 2015 12:15 PM

$92.4 Million Spent on Upscale Furniture at EPA

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EPA 'Golden Hammer Award' at Washington Times 


Golden Hammer Award: EPA's Fondness for High-End Furniture 

Costs Taxpayers $92.4 Million

By Kellen Howell | Washington Times | September 25, 2015

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"The EPA can't relate to the financial hardships regular Americans face.

It's Herman Miller furniture for the bureaucrats,

but IKEA for the taxpayers."

Quoted in Washington Times | September 25, 2015

It's the top story at Washington Times today - with more hits than House Speaker John Boehner's resignation and the Pope Francis visit to USA.  
The EPA executives are sitting in the 'easy chair.' Quite literally.  
Our data and analysis at shows that the EPA spent $92.4 million on upscale furniture purchase, lease, rent, storage and moving.  
That averages $6,000 in 'furniture allowance' per the 15,475 disclosed employees at EPA - according to our data.

According to the data posted at

  • $48.4 million on upscale Herman Miller furniture
  • Another Herman Miller chair cost $4,047 with adjustable arms, swivel, lumbar, caster and tilt
  • $5 million on fancy, designer Knoll, Inc furnishings - 40 Knoll designs are displayed in Museum of Modern Art, NY
  • $813 spent on a pencil holder
  • $5,539 spent on a 'hexagonal table,' $2,641 spent on a  'Galerie lounge chair and settee'
  • $73,265 spent on moving office furniture in Ann Arbor, MI to install new carpeting at an EPA building
  • And much, much more...
Then, the EPA spent tens of thousands of dollars moving and storing the unused furniture. 
Next week, we are publishing our next oversight report:  Federal Transfer Report - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Stay tuned for further details. 
It just might be our best work to date.
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