Subscriber Special: It's a hot debate: should the federal Export - Import Bank be reauthorized? Congressional Deadline: June 30th. Money44

June 8, 2015 01:30 PM

It's a hot debate: should the federal Export - Import Bank be reauthorized? Congressional Deadline: June 30th.



We're giving hard oversight to this federal agency. 
Our findings aren't pretty.
Breaking News - For Immediate Release...
Green Energy Sector Micro Report | June 8, 2015
Federal Transfer Report - Export-Import Bank | May 30, 2015
The Ex-Im Bank: By doing nothing, Congress sides 
with taxpayers and basic market principles
By Marita Noon | Breitbart News
Click here to read the expose on the Green Energy Debacle
June 8, 2015

Clinton World Flexes Political Muscle for Export - Import Bank

By Stephen DeMaura | Editorial at Washington Examiner
June 5, 2015

Kill the Export - Import Bank

By Deroy Murdock | Editorial at National Review
June 5, 2015
Today, columnist Marita Noon at Breitbart covers on our newly released micro report, Export - Import Bank and Green Energy Sector. We identify at least $140 million in troubled lending to the Green Energy Sector. It's the intersection of Ex-Im and Green Energy cronyism. Click here to read.
Last week, at the Washington Examiner, Stephen DeMaura exposed the Clinton political connections to Ex-Im Bank.  It's a good read. DeMaura does an excellent job referencing and citing our full Federal Transfer Report - Export - Import Bank. Click here to read.
Last week, Deroy Murdock, FOX News contributor and Hoover Institute Fellow, kicked off our national press coverage at National Review. Murdock's syndicated piece covered our findings point-by-point... and with humor! Click here to read.
America's leading center-right think tank, Heritage Foundation covered our oversight report in a comprehensive piece at their news division, Daily Signal, by reporter Melissa Quinn. Click here to read.
When Illinois congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-Rockford) said Ex-Im Bank must be reauthorized, Ulysses Arn at RedState used our report to debunk Kinzinger's statements. Click here to read. 
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