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October 18, 2018 08:00 AM
"We're going to cut spending, absolutely. It's not as tough
as you think, there's a lot of fat in there."
President Donald Trump (10-17-2018)
President Trump is waging a War on Waste, and you can help:
This week, at the White House, the president pledged to cut spending and asked his agency heads to cut 5 percent of their budgets.
Trump's action comes just 24 days after we published an open letter to the president in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. In the letter, we urged President Trump to wage a war on waste using a three-pronged attack: 1. Post all White House expenditures online; 2. Cut agency waste (5 percent of their budgets); 3. Report progress to the public.
It looks like the president is following our plan.
"He's asking [agency heads] to cut the fraud, the waste, the abuse," White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway said on Fox Business Network. "Cut the fat, not the essentials."
Read our open letter to the president along with 100 examples of egregious taxpayer abuse here.
PETITION: Sign your name on our open letter to the President!
The president has taken the first step, but we need your support.
Add your name to our petition urging President Donald Trump to lead this nonpartisan War on Waste. 
Remember, It's Your Money! Join the Transparency Revolution.
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