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October 25, 2018 08:00 AM
"Eliminating waste takes an extraordinary force of will.
Targeting agencies demonstrates the president's
willingness to lead by example."
President Trump is waging a War on Waste, and you can help:
Today, our co-authored editorial with Dr. Tom Coburn, published at The Hill in Washington, D.C., lauded the president for taking action to cut waste and taxpayer abuse.
Recently, President Donald Trump declared war on federal waste. The president pledged to cut spending and asked his agency heads to cut five percent of their budgets. It's a great first step and an achievable goal.
It's a target-rich environment for cutting waste. The government doled out $600 billion in federal grants last year, including $2.5 million from NASA funding a children's cartoon. America's elite universities and successful corporations pull in plentiful taxpayer subsidies. The federal government spends $1.1 million per minute to compensate its expensive bureaucracy.
In the 1980s, the Grace Commission determined that one-third of all federal spending was waste, duplication, or ineffective.
Does anyone think the federal government is more efficient today?
Trump took action just 28 days after our organization published an open letter to the president, urging him to use a three-pronged attack and wage a war on waste.
PETITION: Sign your name to our open letter to the President!
The president has taken the first step, but we need your support.
Add your name to our petition urging President Donald Trump to lead this nonpartisan War on Waste.
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