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February 27, 2015 10:40 AM
ANNOUNCING...   Dr. Tom Coburn as Honorary Chairman of  American Transparency
"During my service, I saw how small reforms can generate huge savings and create greater freedom for all Americans. I'm encouraged that Open The Books is accepting this challenge."
Dr. Tom Coburn
February 25, 2014
 By Michael Flynn |
Dr. Coburn's storied public service career culminated in the United States Senate and the Time 100 List: Most Influential People in the World. Coburn demonstrated courage, principles and national leadership. We are extremely privileged to have him as our Honorary Chairman.
Dr. Coburn's legislation in 2006 made our transparency and oversight work possible.
Sen. Coburn and then Sen. Barack Obama co-sponsored the landmark transparency legislation, the 2006 "Google Your Government Act," which opened the federal checkbook to transparency for the first time in history. Coburn's robust oversight work generated his annual Wastebook - highlighting taxpayer abuse, wasteful programs, and necessary spending cuts.
Honorable Dr. Tom Coburn's statement:
"Open the Books is doing the work I envisioned when the Coburn-Obama transparency bill became law. Their work is so important because so few groups - or elected officials - do it, and fewer do it well. The tasks of oversight and transparency are difficult, and don't always guarantee short-term success or recognition. But, over the long-term, this work is indispensable. During my service I saw how small reforms, and discoveries, can generate huge savings and create greater opportunity and freedom for all Americans. I'm encouraged that Open the Books is accepting this challenge." 
Adam Andrzejewski, Founder of statement:
"As a U.S. Senator, Dr. Tom Coburn helped pioneer a culture of transparency and oversight. At, we are committed to carrying forward Coburn's robust legacy. We deeply appreciate Dr. Coburn's courage, principles and national leadership and are extremely privileged to have him as our Honorary Chairman." 
On Wednesday, American Transparency (website: was privileged to be a finalist for "Outstanding New Organization" nominated by Coalitions for America at the 2015 Weyrich Awards Dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, D.C.
Thanks to you - our strong supporters and subscribers - we are establishing a firm foundation to begin the process of "changing the national narrative on tax and spend." 
Thanks to Dr. Coburn, our Directors and Board Advisors, and many principled people across America, our mission of "Every Dime, Online, in Real Time" is a realistic vision.
Thank you from the entire team at Open The Books!
Adam Andrzejewski, Founder,     
Matthew Tyrmand, Deputy Director
Craig Mijares, Director of Information Technology
John Hart, Senior Advisor 
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