The National Desk: Biden's Bloated 2023 White House Payroll 17_TND_WH_payroll

July 7, 2023 11:09 AM


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White House payroll reaches historic highs costing American taxpayers millions of dollars.

CEO of Open The Books Adam Andrzejewski joined The National Desk’s Scott Thuman to discuss the issue.

“No White House payroll has ever exceeded 500 employees on headcount but Joe Biden did in his first year at 560 and he again did it this year at 525,” he said. “The head counts are up significantly from the Obama years of the third year of the Obama administration.”

Last week, the Biden Administration released its annual report on White House office personnel including a headcount this year of 524 employees.

“The Biden headcount has suddenly more employees. He actually has 108 more employees than Trump in his third year,” Andrzejewski said. “So this is definitely Bidenomics hits the White House payroll. Bidenomics is spending big for a potential big outcome.”

The data from Open The Books reveals that White House payroll costs has largely hovered around $50 million since 2009 and has significantly increased since then.

Andrzejewski says that the bureaucracy headcount in the federal agencies is at a high record therefore the White House payroll is an indicator that the Biden administration is spending more.


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