The National Desk: EPA Bureaucrats Are Staffed Up, Lawyered Up & Armed Up. Does It Look Like Total Control? EPA_National_Desk_7.26



A new comprehensive investigative report shows the billions of taxpayer dollars going to the Environmental Protection Agency to bolster the agency's vision of environmental justice under the Biden administration. Watch original interview on ABC St. Louis here.

CEO of Open the Books Adamjoined The National Desk’s Jan Jeffcoat on Wednesday to break it down.

“It’s the size and scope and the amount of money that Congress threw at the EPA,” he said. “It’s a real problem when a federal agency is not even set up to accept the money Congress is throwing at them.”

The scope of the EPA is regulatory power and it is costing the American taxpayers. In the past two years alone under President Joe Biden, $100 billion has been appropriated to the agency.

“Let's break down what $100 billion is equivalent to. It's equivalent to all student loans in a given year for colleges and universities is equivalent to half the budget of the Chinese military and more than what the Russians spend on their military each year,” Andrezejewski said. “It's so much money that the inspector general that's the watchdog over at the EPA just testified in front of Congress, that he doesn't even have the resources to audit $40 billion worth of spending. So this is set up to be a catastrophe which would harm future environmental efforts.”

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