The National Desk: Former Atlanta Assistant Attorney Stole $7M in COVID Relief Funds, Faces 90 Years in Prison 158_TND_former_atl_university_assistant_attorney_steals_covid_funds

December 21, 2023 08:52 PM



By Ray Lewis | Published at The National Desk

A federal jury convicted a former Atlanta assistant city attorney Wednesday for defrauding a COVID-era stimulus program.

In September, the U.S. Government Accountability Office reported criminals stole $135 billion during the pandemic. OpenTheBooks CEO Adam Andrzejewski claimed the Small Business Administration and unemployment program were defrauded of $400 billion.

"Well, the criminals were able to run wild through our unemployment systems. You know, criminals, con artists and crime syndicates from around the world just racked up huge frauds," Andrzejewski argued. "We're out three years and this latest estimate of one out of every $7 that was stolen from the unemployment system sounds like it's a big number, but it's probably underestimated by at least half."

Andrzejewski also noted the Department of Labor stated 21% of all aid was stolen.

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