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September 27, 2021 10:19 AM



by ELISSA SALAMY, The National DeskMonday, September 27th 2021

WASHINGTON (SBG) - Watchdog group OpenTheBooks took a close look at how much federal employees are getting paid.

“In most federal agencies today, the average salary now is six figures, $100,000 per year. But it's not only about the big salary, it's also about the benefits: 44 days of paid time off for the average bureaucrat," said Open The Books' Adam Andrzejewski to Jan Jeffcoat on The National Desk. “We also found nearly 27,000 federal employees out-earn every governor of the 50 states.”

Open the Books also found that salary counts have increased significantly over the past decade.

“We found that over the course of the last 10 years, the headcounts at the 122 executive agencies have gone up by 100,000 employees,” said Andrzejewski.

Dr. Anthony Fauci was the most highly compensated federal employee for the second year in a row at $434,312, according to Open the Books.

“In the past seven years his base salary is up $100,000,” said Andrzejewski.

President Joe Biden's White House employs more than 560 employees at a $50 million annual payroll expense, according to Open the Books.

“We've never had a White House payroll exceed 500 employees. The Biden White House payroll is pushing 600 employees,” said Andrzejewski.

Andrzejewski says both Democrats and Republicans have spent too much, contributing to the national debt.

“When George W. Bush was president, when he came into office, the national debt was just shy of $6 trillion. 20 years later, we are pushing $30 trillion dollars on the nation's credit card,” said Andrzejewski. “We're racking up a debt for our children and grandchildren, and that's morally irresponsible.”

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