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June 25, 2013 04:19 PM

 Now, that’s a Top Cop! 

Interim Police Chief in Schaumburg
$68,900 per month

Daily Herald, April 8, 2013
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Are they public servants or an elite bureaucracy? You decide...

1.      47 Village Managers Out-earn Every Governor of the 50 States:
See the Top 10 Village Manager Salaries in Illinois. The highest paid is a village manager of small Grayslake at $251,152. Review last years report, click here.

2.      Identifying ‘Legal Corruptions’:
Occupying our state pension systems are private employers like Illinois Association of Park Districts (PeterMurphy, $322,444), and Park District Risk Management Association (Brett Davis, $297,901). Taxpayers have no control over the salaries, but pay for the pensions. Murphy received a 2012 salary spike of $40,000, and Davis has tripled his pay in ten years.

3.      The Nerds that Glitter:
The school district treasurer of Bl​oom Township made $213,301 and the treasurer of Thornton Township made $200,489 while he also runs his own certified public accounting firm- Eugene Varnado LLC.

In 2012, school treasurer Mohsin Dada double-dipped pension systems for over $440,000: a current salary of $203,903 and a retirement pension of $240,000. His pension is so high because of a massive salary spike from $156,160 to $358,750. Checkout his ‘ego’ website. 

4.      Managing Small Park Districts… is Fun:
In 2012, local park district administrators are out-earning the State Director of Parks: Mount Prospect $215,626 ($105,000 in 2000); $212,572 ($74,999 in 2001) in Addison.

Other Highly Compensated Bureaucrats include:

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8/8/2013 12:12 AM

  Let me explain to you why your aregumnt is cr**, and the "libertarian" fantasy land where armies of citizen fighters in fishing trawlers is best left for Ayn Rand novels and not the real world. 1- an anti-ship missile that is able to be carried by a "fishing trawler" would have to be relatively small, ie in the Exocet class. 2- missiles of this size and class will have ranges of about 80-150km. Beyond horizon, however, requires an external target acquisition tool. Otherwise you're limited to 20-30 miles. 3- a USN captain would have to be insane to allow even a rowboat to approach within 200 miles of a carrier group in heat. 4- US reconn around a carrier group would be able to detect such targets hundreds of miles before they approach anything, send helicopters to investigate, and if necessary force to turn back. 5- a fishing trawler could carry 2-4 such missiles, but it would have to be a relatively large trawler6- reconnaissance, target acquisition and guidance are non-existent in a fishing trawler, making it blind beyond the horizon; ie a useless military tool. 7- without target acquisition methods beyond the horizon, the missiles are next to useless.8- to overwhelm the defenses of a single Aegis type warship requires multiple times more than 2-4 missiles launched at once. A carrier group typically has multiple Aegis escorts for air-defense. 9- jamming, countermeasures etc alone would be sufficient to overwhelm any such type of missile in such an engagement profile. USN did this quite well many times in the Persian Gulf, specifically in Operation Praying Mantis, and later in 1991. 10- Any crew of such a "fishing trawler" would have to be a suicide Kamikaze crew, because their death is assured once they reveal their intentions11- hiding missiles, even that small, on the deck of a fishing trawler, is not easy; ie any USN helicopter approaching the boat for visual identification, once detected several hundred miles away, is going to see what it is. 12- Such a tactic can only possibly be a last-resort tool employed either within several dozen nm of shore, or in narrow gulfs where response time is limited. No USN carrier group is insane to place itself in such circumstances. In conclusion, there are REASONS why navies build warships, and specialized systems, and train constantly, and have technology that would boggle your mind. Trying to dictate idiotic...and no different than when government tries to dictate technology and operations of businesses. But of course, far be it for "libertarians" to think they're being as silly as the people they claim to criticize. We as citizens control the finances of the military, and its in our interest to maximize the performance of the money we provide, so that we don't have to provide as much. Maximizing this performance is the job of specialists, not internet warriors like yourself.