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May 28, 2013 04:19 PM

By Jim Hoff, Gateway Pundit

A month ago, The Gateway Pundit showcased the OpenTheBooks app which hyper-localized all disclosed United States Government checkbook spending from 2000-2012 to your zip code, or any zip code across the country.

Here’s a recent discovery from the OpenTheBooks app – The federal government is subsidizing Lamborghini dealers in Illinois and California. Adam Andrzejewski sent this in:

In Hinsdale, IL, where the average home price is $900,000 and the median income is $150,000, taxpayers guaranteed a below market rate $1.5 million loan to the local Lamborghini dealer.

It was even worse in Orange County, California. Taxpayers guaranteed a below market rate $1.997 million loan to Lamborghini of Orange County.

Why are taxpayers subsidizing Lamborghini auto dealers for millions in publically guaranteed below market rate loans? Come on! What’s the "public policy" reason for this one?

I’d feel better about this if I was driving one.

If you download the app and put in your zip code, what "essential" spending will you find? With twelve years of contracts, farm subsidies, grants, loans, insurance and direct payments, it’s nearly certain you’ll find some local business, citizen or organization receiving a piece of the federal pie.

The "Open The Books" app is a game changer in the great debate gripping Washington DC- where to cut. In order to cut federal spending, first we must see it. This simple concept underlies the "Open The Books" mobile app for Apple and Android smart devices. 

The app hyper-localizes United States government checkbook spending plus farm subsidies and 2.5 million federal employees to your zip code, or any zip code across the country. You can’t complain about our politicians if you don’t take the time to see the massive money flows into your backyard and zip code. The most frequent response, "I’m in the wrong business."

The app is the brainchild of non-profit founder Adam Andrzejewski. Free download in The App Store or Google Play Store.

Let us know what you find. Download your free OpenTheBooks app in The App Store or the Goog​le Play Store.

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