The New York Times: New York Is a Noisy City. One Man Got Revenge. 63_NYC_noisy


There is no escaping the clamor of New York City. Just ask Mike Edison.
He has been jolted awake before dawn by jackhammers and screeching delivery trucks. He asked politely for those responsible to stop. He dialed the city’s 311 hotline. He fired off letters to the police and other city agencies. Nothing…
Noise complaints to 311 have soared by 29 percent to nearly 438,000 last year from about 338,000 in 2014, according to an analysis of city data by, a nonprofit watchdog group, and The New York Times.
The top complaints were about construction-related activities, music and parties, loud talking, banging and pounding sounds, barking dogs and idling engines and honking.
And the problem is getting worse. This year, the city has already logged 127,271 noise complaints through April, up from 119,331 for the same period a year ago.
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