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'The VA's Luxury Art Obsession'

July 26, 2016 08:01 AM
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While up to 1,000 veterans died waiting for VA healthcare; while many calls to the suicide prevention hotline were answered by voicemail; while the healthcare claims appeals process was described as "the hamster wheel"; and while the VA created 40,000 new positions, but hired only 3,600 doctors (2012-2015) – the agency managed to spent $20 million on artwork.

Included in the expenditures is a 27’ artificial Christmas tree for $21,500 delivered to Chillicothe, OH and two sculptures costing $670,000 for a VA facility in California that serves blind veterans. Blind veterans can’t see fancy sculptures, and all veterans deserve to see a doctor.

By: Adam Andrzejewski, CEO at and author of the Forbes editorial, The VA’s Luxury Art Obsession






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Robert Merrick
Baltimore, MD
6/23/2018 09:57 AM

  As long as voters keep re-electing democrats and career politicians, the VA will be overrun with incompetent morons. If you want to support our Veterans, vote against ALL democrats and career politicians, and urge the president to prosecute Obama, Schumer and Pelosi for subversion of the US Constitution. Personally, I visit the cathedral everyday and light a candle that Obama, Schumer and Pelosi will get brain cancer and die while waiting for treatment at a VA Hospital they were responsible for turning these institutions into the world's worst health care.

San Diego, CA
4/2/2017 10:12 AM

  What can be done to stop this insanity? Seriously, what can people do to stop this from continuing?

Roger E Bruneau
Baldwinsville, NY
4/2/2017 06:46 AM

  In the private sector the VA, this "business", would have been shut down & sold off for its assets long ago. Consider that a population of veterans currently using this government benefit service is near 7 million against what is budgeted & spent we would be able (& better served) to pay top rates for services from private sector providers and easily have millions of taxpayer dollars left over. The administrative culture at the VA is corrupt to its core. It's not likely to change ever. Repeal the laws that provide for the VA's existence. Incentivize doctors to treat veterans by establishing an insurance reimburance program that moves them to the head of the list of desirable patients. Additionally, use tax dollars to support scholarships for specialty education for medical students focussed on veteran needs.