Wake Up America on NewsmaxTV: $20 million in Military Research Going to China 176_Wake_Up_America_-_Taxpayers_Funding_Chinese_Researchers

November 28, 2022 01:26 PM



More than 160 Chinese-born scientists who conducted U.S. taxpayer-funded military research at the fabled Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico are now back home working in China, and in some cases, helping develop weapons.

Just think about this... America educated those scientists in our universities. We trained them in our national lab. We funded those scientists with tens of millions in federal grant dollars — paid by you the American taxpayer. 

At least one scientist gained a top-secret clearance with access to restricted data and national security information. 

And, today, these scientists work for the People's Republic of China and not the United States. 

What programs do those scientists work on?

They're developing the technologies to leapfrog the USA in the fields of hypersonics, jet engines, deep earth penetrating warheads, submarine noise reduction and unmanned vehicles. 



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