Washington Examiner: Democratic Dark Money Giant Behind Anti-Israel Protests has scored $81M in Taxpayer Dollars 4_Soros_anti-Israel_protests

December 23, 2023 08:41 AM



By Gabe Kaminsky | Published at WashintgonExaminer.com

An influential liberal dark money group propping up anti-Israel activism across the United States has pocketed massive amounts in taxpayer-backed grants and contracts in recent years, according to a Washington Examiner analysis of federal spending records.

To Adam Andrzejewski, CEO of the federal spending watchdog Open the Books, money is fungible, and the awards mean the U.S. government is “indirectly helping” to boost anti-Israel projects linked to the Tides Center.

“We have already seen this playing out on university campuses which enjoy billions of dollars in grants, contracts and tax benefits from the federal government,” Andrzejewski told the Washington Examiner. “This latest revelation is part of an unfortunate pattern in which a sprawling federal government finds itself spending money against its own strategic interests.”

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