Washington Times: Congress Must Pass Big Pharma Sunlight Bill Now 64_WashTimes_Royalty_Tr_Act

April 24, 2024 11:42 AM



By Dr. Peter A. McCullough

Published at Washington Times

The government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic opened the people’s eyes to the relentless power of pharmaceutical companies.

They saw politicians and regulators who accepted tens of millions in Big Pharma cash mislead Americans as to the effectiveness of the vaccines. They watched them ignore century-old science, arguing that experimental manufactured drugs were more effective than natural immunity and even working directly with social media companies to censor dissident voices, including those of scientists, doctors and Ivy League professors — all experts in their field — for daring to dissent.

Enter Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, who recently put his foot down and said enough is enough. He introduced Senate Bill 3664, the Royalty Transparency Act, to stop the decision-makers who have a financial stake in the drug production and approval process from being able to continue to shield their royalty agreements and arrangements from the public’s view.

In 2022, Mr. Paul spearheaded a letter with four other senators to the National Institutes of Health requesting information regarding industry royalty payments given to their employees. While he is still awaiting a response, OpenTheBooks, an organization that aggressively uses the Freedom of Information Act to obtain information on government spending and programs, sued to get the data Mr. Paul requested.

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