Waste Of The Week: New York City Wasted Millions of Dollars on Unused COVID Supplies 74_TND_NYC_unused_covid_supplies

March 24, 2023 01:11 PM



Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on stockpiled COVID supplies that are now useless.

New York City has already trashed more than $14.1 million worth of extra COVID supplies which sat unused during the pandemic and plans to trash millions more, according to the New York Post.

CEO of Open the Books Andrew Andrzejewski joined The National’s Desk’s Jan Jeffcoat Friday morning to discuss the story.

“They overbought and its hundreds of millions of dollars with trash and unused supplies purchased during the pandemic,” he said. ”In this instance, you've got $28 million of expired COVID tests and hand sanitizer that’s expired. So it’s trashed.”

Andrzejewski says you have to be cautious when buying COVID supplies from New York City.

“In the middle of January, they went out to sell 3000 cases of hand sanitizer wipes for $56,000,” he said. “But here's the problem. It was going to expire in two weeks.”

In addition to the wasted COVID test and expired hand sanitizer, the city is also auctioning off $225 million worth of gear. This includes face shields and ventilators.


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