"Waste Of The Week" on The National Desk: $96,000 to Ease The Nerves of Congressional Staffers 128_TND_WOTW_Congres_Calm_app

August 19, 2022 01:52 PM



This week's "Waste of the Week" on The National Desk highlights the roughly $96,000 of taxpayer money spent to help ease the nerves of congressional staffers after the January 6 attack.

That much money was apparently used to pay for an app. CEO and founder of OpentheBooks.com Adam Andrzejewski called it "just another perk."

"So, this is an app from a San Francisco-based software company called Calm. It's a meditation, relaxation and sleep app," Andrzejewski explained. "But here's the deal. It's just another perk for members of Congress."


Andrzejewski said in addition to a pay increase, two pension plans and other perks, this app "is another perk that they're laying on."

"Only 17% of the American people in the July poll think Congress is doing a good job. Eighty-three percent view this Congress unfavorably," Andrzejewski said, referencing a Gallup poll. "So, this perk is just a part of the suite of perks that members of Congress and their staff have."

According to Andrzejewski, if a person is on the job for five years as a congressional staffer, they get 44 days of paid time off. Offices are also closed on big holidays such as Christmas and New Year's. 

"They should do their job, not engage in ridiculous perks for themselves," Andrzejewski said.

For more of this interview with Andrzejewski and The National Desk's Cayle Thompson, watch the full video above.

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