"Waste of the Week" on The National Desk: Over $600M in PPP Loans Given to 179 Ineligible Nonprofits 157_TND_600M_PPP_loans

October 21, 2022 05:00 PM



On this week's "Waste of the Week," more than $600 million was handed out in COVID-19 aid to ineligible nonprofits and Amtrak executives gave more than $2 million in bonuses funded by U. S. taxpayer dollars.

CEO of OpenTheBooks.com, Adam Andrzejewski, joined The National Desk Friday for the recurring segment where his transparency group uncovers disclosed government spending.

The Office of Inspector General for the Small Business Administration found more than $684 million in PPP loans were given out by the Paycheck Protection Program to 179 ineligible nonprofit organizations.

"So, in total, $35 billion flowed to nonprofits across the United States. Now, there were rules in place. You had to have less than 500 employees to be eligible for the first round of these paycheck protection loans. The program was designed to give mom-and-pop businesses on Main Street a leg up during the economic shutdown. When their businesses were closed down, these nonprofits, they needed to demonstrate need and they needed to have less than 500 employees. But they had these 179 nonprofits, these large nonprofits had 500 employees per location. So at the time, they did not qualify for the funds, but they received the funds anyway."

Andrzejewski said officials eventually flagged this and requested it be returned. 

For Andrzejewski's full interview with The National Desk's Jan Jeffcoat, watch the video above.


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