"Waste of the Week" on The National Desk: US Spending Over $400M on Phones to Track Undocumented Migrants 161_TND_tracking_migrants

October 28, 2022 06:18 PM



In this week's "Waste of the Week," the Department of Homeland Security spent more than $400 million a year just to track migrants who have been processed at the border and allowed to enter the US. until their court dates.

Adam Andrzejewski, CEO and founder of OpenTheBooks.com, joined The National Desk Friday to break it all down. 

DHS gives smart-linked cellphones to the millions of [undocumented] migrants who've entered the U.S. The phones use facial recognition and GPS monitoring. How does this work?" The National Desk's Jan Jeffcoat asked.

"So, if you cross the border on an illegal basis, you're an illegal entrant. If you're picked up by border crossing officials, you're then processed as a part of that process in order to track folks that are in the country. Now, they're given these electronic devices. So these electronic devices, they have GPS and facial recognition," according to Andrzejewski. "People are supposed to call in. They're supposed to accept calls from their ICE immigration official using this device. It can also be installed as a smart app on their cellphone as well. And these costs have added up to more than a million dollars a day."

When asked how effective this method is, Andrzejewski said, "Well, ICE itself says even with these electronic monitoring devices, they only have the capability to monitor about 5% of all the illegal entrants in the program."

Watch the video above for Andrzejewski's full interview with Jeffcoat.


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