"Waste Of The Week" on TND: Oregon Officials Face Scrutiny After Audit of State's Education Agency 122_WOTW_Or

August 5, 2022 12:25 PM



Oregon state officials are being scrutinized after an audit on the state's education agency. CEO and founder of OpentheBooks.com, Adam Andrzejewski, joined The National Desk Friday to discuss the "Waste of the Week." 

This audit found Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, lawmakers and the board of education ignored the state agency's hands-off approach and "did little to set meaningfully high standards for schools or districts," and did little to intervene when some of them vastly under-delivered for their students particularly "students of color and those living in poverty."

So, what are the specifics of this report and why was there no accountability from the state?" The National Desk's Jan Jeffcoat asked. 

"So, the report concluded that the Oregon school districts are flush with cash, and yet they're at risk of wasting most of it — all of these taxpayer resources. This is the fourth time since the 1990s where reform has been tried in Oregon schools. And still, the graduation rates in K through 12 school districts in Oregon are among the lowest in the country."

Andrzejewski and Jeffcoat dive deeper into the "Waste of the Week," a segment done every Friday on The National Desk. For more of this interview, watch the full video above.

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