$8.79 Million Bonuses To 7 Troubled VA Centers Money47

May 22, 2014 09:12 AM

By Adam Andrzejewski, Chairman Open The Books



"With 12,549 bonuses totaling over $8.8 million at the seven troubled VA facilities (2011-2013), executives must answer as to why every veteran didn't receive world-class health care."  

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$8.787 Million Paid Out on 12,549 Bonuses
at the 7 Troubled VA Medical Centers (2011-13)

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May 21, 2014


Breaking National News... "Where’s The Accountability at the VA?"

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Forty plus veterans may have died waiting for care, and up to 1,600 veterans waited months for critical appointments—at the Phoenix facility alone.

Now, at least SEVEN VA centers are being investigated for "secret" waiting lists. Here are the bonuses into these troubled facilities (2011-2013):

1. Edward Hines, JR Hospital, Cook County, IL ($4.1356 million)
2. Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center, Gainesville, FL ($575,400)
3. New Mexico VA Health Care System Albuquerque, NM ($2.646 million)
4. Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System Home, Biloxi, MS ($247,103)
5. Miami VA Healthcare System Miami, FL ($334,987)
6. Fort Collins Outpatient Clinic, Fort Collins, CO ($4,150)
7. Phoenix VA Health Care System Home, Phoenix, AZ ($843,000)

TOTAL:  12,549 bonuses for $8.787 million (2011-2013)

BREITBART EDITOR MIKE FLYNN INVESTIGATES HINES VA HOSPITAL, COOK COUNTY, IL and finds problems dwarfing those discovered at the Phoenix VA. Based on Open The Books data, the column is a must read. 

Read column here

As Memorial Day weekend begins, please stay safe. Please pray for those military heroes who lost their lives defending our freedom, our veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs and our great United States of America. 

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Adam Andrzejewski
Founder, OpenTheBooks.com
American Transparency, Chairman

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