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Ring Your Glass- Our 2013

December 30, 2013 09:19 AM



"May you live all the years of your life." 

Jonathan Swift

Thanks to your support, 2013 has been a spectacular year. Here are some of the highlights... 

America's Leading Transparency Portal:

February:  At, we posted online all disclosed federal salaries, farm subsidies, contracts, grants, loans, insurance and direct payments. Finally, all spending is searchable from one website and users rendered millions of queries since the launch.

Open The Books App Launched:

First-to-market with an app for Apple and Droid to track spending by ZIP code. 370 million lines of federal, state and local spending and salaries pushed to your mobile device. Our news was broadcast on the nightly newscast in 30% of nation, and our editorial was published in The Wall Street Journal.

National Press, Relationships & Awards

September & December:  Innovation Nation- a John Stossel Special showcased Open The Books on The Fox News Channel

November: The largest center-right persuading organization in the nation, Americans For Prosperity introduced Spotlight Spending powered by

A column at recognized the importance of our work; James OKeefe at Project Veritas sourced our data in a video viewed over 600,000 on YouTube.

Open The Books App won Best Political App 2013 by Web Marketing Association. Teresa Mull at American Spectator wrote, "This may be the smartest thing smart phones have produced yet."

Our Investigative Reports

August: we published our The Federal Transfer Report- Fortune 100 Companies. Quantifying all contracts, grants, loans, direct payments, insurance and farm subsidies into the Fortune 100 since year 2000.

December: we published our The Federal Transfer Report- Farm Subsidies & The Big Dogs.  On social media, our report has been shared nearly 100,000 times.

With the nation debt nearly $17 trillion, you cannot cut wasteful spending-- if you cannot simply see it.

 Happy New Year!









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Dr7771SxKho, VI
6/27/2014 06:23 AM

  So those workers will go out and get a job in the praivte sector where they will actually contribute to our economy and not take from it. They'll go to work for a widget manufacturer and generate new money which will generate new tax dollars.Every government program that is cut, every tax cut, infuses cash into the economy which is invested to expand businesses, create wealth, hire workers, grow the economy and generate taxes. Government is a necessary burden on the economy. But when that burden gets too large the economy slows and tax revenue falls.Government jobs suck the life out of an economy because their entire paycheck is taxpayer dollars not new money derived from a manufactured product. The taxes they pay are just returning a small percentage of what was taken out of the pot. Yes, some Government jobs are essential, but those and subsidized jobs should be limited to just what is needed to provide police, fire, military, judicial, infrastructure etc.Budget deficit means spending more than you receive. Cut backs are necessary. The government doesn't drive the economy business does. Holding on to budget items we can't afford doesn't help the overall economy. Those people out of work will find new work as the economy improves.

Chicago, IL
6/12/2014 01:34 PM

  Adam, could not be happier for you and your associates at open the books! The awards , citations and growing recognition of the work you are doing, and planning to do, is confirmation of the correctness (and power) of your insights behind the open the books concept. Oh, and please , don't forget to get around to the United Nation's books. The aroma and toxicity of fumes arising from opening those volumes would require "hazmat" uniforms . Keep up the good work!!

Chicago, IL
6/5/2014 12:54 PM

  Adam, great stuff in Forbes on VA Hospitals. The Painting expense to Quality Assurance expense ratio & roughly 1,000 Dr's & Nurses -- caregivers to 3,000 others in overhead and god knows what at Hines VA, says it all. Government unions have to be eliminated. There should be 3,000 Dr's & Nurses at Hines and 1,000 or less non-caregiving staff. The place ought to be providing vets care 24/7/365. This clusterfark is what Obamacare is going to look like. Good friend of mine, Peter Dames, died in '07 at 61 getting Chicago area VA care. He'd been feeling bad and going to or trying to go to VA for a few months and then his death came fast, I'm beginning to wonder if he was never diagnosed for something treatable because he may have been on a years long VA wait (death) list. Peter and I were pretty much opposed politically. He the old-school Democrat and me a Right-leaning Independent, but we were good friends and we both knew our hearts were in the right place. I really miss him and our discussions. I think of him a lot. Those that attempt to dampen the outrage of this by injecting red or blue politics are evil sick bastards. Met you at North Ave Beach when you were running for office. You were the only candidate there didn't come off as the glib, fast on their feet, silver-tongued, self-server. I wish you had won. Keep up the good fight. Be well.