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AOL: Trump payroll cuts could save taxpayers $22 million

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Trump payroll cuts could save taxpayers $22 million

Jul 2nd 2017 8:27PM

Under President Trump, cuts to the White House payroll could reportedly save taxpayers more than $22 million.

The Trump administration's report on White House Office Personnel, released to Congress on Friday, reveals that the White House currently employs about 110 fewer employees than during Obama's tenure, which is expected to result in savings of more than $5.1 million a year.

Plus, First Lady Michelle Obama is said to have had 24 dedicated staffers, while Melania Trump only has five.

The president has also apparently cut programs, as well as the positions of "special initiative czars," some of whom were making six figures under the previous administration.

Trump himself is required to get a paycheck but he is reportedly donating the money to construction on the Department of the Interior and to help restore military cemeteries.


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