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At Open The Books, we are leading the Transparency Revolution in the United States, working to publish every dime of government spending online, in real time.

But federal bureaucrats don’t make it easy. They don’t want the public to know that they spent over $1,000 for a single cup of coffee, $530,190 on “Hookers For Jesus”, and $1.9 million to livestream eclipses — among other absurdities.

Yet we are committed to shining a white hot spotlight on exactly how your tax dollars are being spent by federal, state, and local governments.

In the last year alone, our team captured 25 million public employee salaries, filed 55,000 FOIA requests, led 500 investigations, gave 600 live TV and radio interviews, and received 15,000 media citations – each demanding transparency. 27 times Congress used our findings including floor speeches (10), oversight letters (10), and on seven amendments – we won five!

As a non-profit organization that accepts absolutely ZERO federal funding, our work is dependent on support from Americans like you.

Will you help us hold the White House and Congress accountable and force them to open their books by chipping in whatever you can today?



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