EpochTV: Exposing Billions in Wasteful Government Spending, Shocking Payments to China, Russia 40_EpochTV_billions_in_wasteful_spending

August 1, 2023 12:26 PM




“We’re borrowing money from China to pay Chinese entities—that doesn’t make any sense,” says the CEO and founder of OpenTheBooks.com.

In this episode, I sit down with Adam Andrzejewski.

Through tens of thousands of Freedom of Information Act requests, this government watchdog has compiled and made public almost all U.S. money taxed and spent, at every level of government, across all 50 states.

“[The Government Accountability Office] were charged by Congress at taking a look at the payments into China; they found $49 million. We found $490 million because we actually dug a little deeper. We dug into the sub-grants,” Mr. Andrzejewski says.

“We do the hard work so you can hold the political class accountable for tax and spend decisions.”

We discuss the problem of earmarks—what Mr. Andrzejewski calls Congress’s “currency of corruption.”

“Earmarks were brought back after a 10-year ban because of secret votes in the Republican caucus, where they voted to join Pelosi Democrats to bring back the practice,” he says.

We also discuss government contracts and grants to adversaries nations and the militarization of our federal agencies.

“There are 76 traditional, paper-pushing, regulatory, civil administrative agencies that have now armed up,” says Mr. Andrzejewski. “Who knew that the National Institutes of Health had a police force of over 100 officers?”

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