Export-Import Bank 2007-2021 | OpenTheBooks Oversight Report 6_Ex-Im_Bank

July 24, 2022 11:40 AM




1. There were 46,250 transactions from 2007 to 2021, totaling $201,107,947,664.91 in funds disbursed.


2. The aerospace and aircraft manufacturing industry led the herd in collecting from the bank to the tune of at least $67.4 billion, thanks in large part to the $66.4 billion that went to Boeing, the largest single recipient of EXIM support. The runner up to top industry was engineering services, collecting $10.7 billion from the Bank.


3. The companies that got the most exporter benefits from the Bank are:



4. The foreign countries that got the most support after the U.S., which got $26.4 billion:



5. The top big banks that provide transactions as lenders to exporters are:



6. In 2021, 396 employees made a total of $52,091,425 in compensation. 321, or 81%, of the employees at the Export-Import Bank made over $100,000, and its highest paid employee made $199,300.


7. In 2007, EXIM Bank gave $12.6 billion, slowly increasing year over year until its peak at $31.3 billion in 2012, then steadily decreasing until sinking to $3.3 billion in 2019. The decline of authorization levels is because between 2014 and 2018, the EXIM board didn’t have a quorum of three members to be able to approve larger deals.



8. The average interest rate charged by the Export-Import Bank was 3.21%.


9. Small businesses, supposedly the intended beneficiary of the Export-Import Bank, received only $54.8 billion of the over $204 billion in total assistance since paid 2007, or about 27.3%.


10. 10,251,000,000 or 5%, of the transactions went to women or minority owned businesses.

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