Forbes: Ballooning Ivy League Endowment Forecasted To Top $1 Trillion By 2048 Ivy_League_Endowment_SE_v5

November 1, 2021 12:27 PM





By Adam Andrzejewski

The Ivies added $48.4 billion to their endowments this year, and new estimates show their collective endowment could exceed $1 trillion by 2048. 

Organized as charitable non-profits, the Ivy League is a cash generation machine. Their collective endowment now stands at approximately $192.6 billion, which is up from $144 billion in 2020. 

Now, critics are questioning whether the Ivies have gamed the federal, state, and local tax systems to operate as educational charities. These schools pay little or no taxes on their investments, endowment gains, and property. 

Here are the new endowments by school: Harvard ($53.2 billion), Yale ($42.3 billion), Princeton ($37.7 billion), UPENN ($20.5 billion), Cornell ($10 billion) Columbia ($13.5 billion), Dartmouth ($8.5 billion), and Brown ($6.9 billion).

Harvard’s endowment now stands at over $10 million per undergraduate student. Yale is just shy of this number at $9 million. Brown, far behind its colleagues, boasts just over $1 million in endowment assets per undergrad student.

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