Forbes: Higher Ed's "Mission Corrupted" Adam

September 25, 2014 10:40 AM

Salary spending is up 2.5 times with additional billions of dollars spent on a building binge, but IL student enrollment is flat since 2000.


Higher Ed's "Mission Corrupted"

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Here is what's wrong with higher education.
Over thirteen years, Illinois colleges and universities vastly increased the size of their payrolls, spent lavishly on salaries and benefits, and expended billions on construction, but have yet to see a measurable increase in students. Since 2000, enrollments are up just one third of one percent annually (4.28% total).
Here are some of our findings from the Land of Lincoln:
Student enrollment flat. Enrollment was 542,450 (2000) and 566,198 (2012)- a slight .3367% average annual increase (1/3 of 1 percent per year). Source:
Employment explosion. 51,439 system wide employees (2000) to 90,589 employees (2013) -  employment outpaced enrollment by 17x. 
Gross salary spike. $1.817 billion total payroll (2000) vs. $4.4 billion in total payroll (2013)- payroll grew 36x faster than enrollment. Click here to see annual totals by institution.
Binge Building boom. Net assignable square footage was 14.756 million (2000) vs 18.144 million (2012) for community colleges and 37.176 million (2000) vs 45.085 million (2009, last year available) for universities - more than 6x the pace of enrollment. Sources: ICCBD and IBHE.
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